2019 The Year of False Peace! – Benjamin Faircloth

Benjamin Faircloth

January 2, 2019

2019 The Year of False Peace!

“This is the year that My People Israel, the House of David, will be fooled into believing a lie! Distracted by war they will seek a peace accord founded on deception and trickery of the nations. This will be a great time of unrest for the nations as they gather together as Sheep and Goats, choosing their sides. I will watch says your God and I will measure the nations with My Truth! I will judge them according to their deeds towards My People. There will be no mistaking who is Mine this coming year! War will be the banner over the world as the false prince of peace arises with his white flag of surrender. Because the nations have rejected Me, they will not know the difference between peace and surrender! I have warned the nations to choose My will, but their refusal to obey will be the bait that leads them to their trap!


“Where were you when I founded the earth and created the land you now occupy? Where was your glory and pride when I framed your nation and set it on high? These things were in Me before I gave them to you! But you rejected My plan and My course. Your pride has derailed you from My destination of greatness. Your pride has blinded you to what I destined for you! Now your fall will come to pass. America, I have waited for your day of repentance to come. Crime, crisis, and tragedy could not shake you into the reality of the hour, but your FALL will! I have used you to perform My will, I anointed you to keep My People free, but now you desire a new king, a lord of darkness that gives you false peace and false light! America you will now fulfill the purpose in which you were born to do; give birth to the Son of Perdition!”

Ignited Church

“Behold I stand and I knock. I stand before you with an open door. This year you will arise above the noise and confusion of a judged nation. This year you will enter the door of destiny and posses the land that is before you! I have prepared and army of My own people to stand with you as you desire My truths and shout them from the mountain tops! This is your year to possess new land, new territories, and new anointings says your God! For I have given you the Keys of David to see things you do not see in My Word. To know things that you do not know. The Anointing of a SEER shall be upon this ministry and I will reveal secrets to you for your obedience unto Me! Get ready Church, for I will birth something new upon the earth that I have reserved for the Last Days, and you will be apart of it!”


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