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2 War Dreams – Natalie Rice

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2 War Dreams

January 11, 2023 12:13 PM
Natalie Rice

Hi, I’ve now had 2 dreams of war and I think they’re from the Lord but I’m not completely sure. I never remember dreams and they’ve laid heavy on my heart. So pls take these to Jesus for confirmation.

First dream (a month ago) I was in a tall building and looking out of a window to the street below. There was a narrow ally dividing 2 buildings to the right of me but I could see it from this window. All of the sudden a semi truck starts driving erratically and fast towards this small ally. It was hitting cars and not slowing down. I realized it was Bc it was running from the planes overhead. At that moment bullets started raining down from the sky. I hit the ground and woke up.

Next dream- (Sunday January 8th @ 5pm, I work night shift so I sleep during the day)
I was in a movie theater and on the screen was a fighter jet radar symbol. It appeared like the screen or theater was a “locked on target”. People started asking what it was and I started praying very loudly asking Jesus to forgive me of any sins I had and to protect me. At that moment everyone went upside down in their seats, like they were being sucked out of a plane. I was the only person still sitting safely in my seat. Then I woke up. It was a very strange dream and I apparently woke up crying Bc my 15 yr old daughter was like, “mom what’s wrong, you’re crying”. The dream left me rattled and concerned that war is coming soon, but that we will only be safe if we are prayed up and walking with Jesus.

I pray anyone reading this is blessed by Yeshua. 🕊️

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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