2 Part Warning Dream For USA – Melissa (Midnight Hour Oil)

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2 Part Warning Dream For USA

March 18, 2024 10:01 AM
Melissa (Midnight Hour Oil)

I was given a two-part warning dream concerning the USA on March 6, 2024. In both dreams my husband, Alan, and I were being guided by a third person (who I believe was an angel). And this may actually speak to the order of events – the way they are going to unfold.

DREAM #1 – Unseen Fire/Wagon Train Crash & Burn/Attacks Against Believers Ensue:
There was a fire somewhere, like on a farm, but I didn’t actually see the fire. I watched as many young men were filling big wooden buckets with river water – I knew they were trying to put the fire out.

Next, I saw what looked like a wagon train pulling several wooden carts behind it. It was setback in like the 1700s – what transportation may have looked like when the United States began. On each cart there were both animals as well as humans. The wagon train sped past us, at a very high rate of speed! The passengers appeared to be just along for the ride.

Alan and I were in a vehicle behind the wagon train. Somebody else was driving (who I believe was an angel). Alan was in the passenger seat and I was in the backseat. Then the wagon train crashed in front of us! I looked up on the hillside next to the road. I saw deer (God’s “dear ones”), as well as horses (untamed – unsaved) on the hillside. They had been thrown off of the wagon train, and they were all on fire! They were literally burning to death in agony! My heart went out to them, and I was praying for the Father to help them.

Next, I watched as a dog did a backflip off of the crashed wagon train in front of us, and it landed facing our vehicle. He dug his paws in the dirt, as if to say he was making war against us. I told Alan to roll up the window and I began to roll up mine – I knew an attack was coming. Alan wasn’t able to get his window up in time and the dog was coming through his window into the backseat, at me! I yelled to Alan to help me and he pushed the dog out of the vehicle.

I believe the fire that I didn’t see at the beginning of the dream symbolizes all that is happening “behind the scenes” right now – dangerous, life-threatening scenarios (fires) – some are nobly trying to get the fires under control, but it’s not going to work. I believe the wagon train (set back in the 1700s) is America. The passengers, both saved an unsaved are racing to a fate they cannot imagine. After the nation crashes and starts to burn, attacks against Believers will immediately follow. My husband Alan (symbolizing Jesus) will push them back as we call upon Him to help us. We (Believers) will be guided divinely through this. But sadly, just as historically when the nation of Israel rebelled against God, both the righteous & unrighteous suffered the consequences, so when the USA crashes, both the Saved (God’s dear ones) and the unsaved (horses) are going to suffer – experience the “fire.“

DREAM #2 – Enter Into Canada – Meet La COOF Workers:
In the second dream, Alan and I were again in a vehicle with the angel guiding us (driving the vehicle). I had something like an overnight bag with me – not very much in it. Obviously didn’t plan to be gone long. We headed into Canada, on a road, but it was more like a train track. After we got into Canada, I saw that some workers were in the process of paving the road we were on. The workers told us that we couldn’t go any further because they were paving the road. We got off the road and waited. I told Alan and the other person (angel) that as soon as the workers left, we needed to get back on that road and continue. Then I saw words appear over the workers heads (I believe in French) “La COOF”.

After researching the word La COOF, I found that it refers to an agricultural, food manufacturing company located in Canada. Their goal is to “feed the world.” I believe we crossed into Canada because Canada will somehow be instrumental in helping America during some kind of food shortage or crisis. America will not initially be welcomed with open arms, nevertheless, the ones sent will not give up until we get the help we need.

Melissa (Midnight Hour Oil)

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