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2 Dreams – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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2 Dreams

September 17, 2022 1:57 PM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

I had these 2 dreams this morning, September 17, 2022, sometime before walking.


I had a dream about Donald Trump. I saw him when I was out somewhere (it looked like a large long white corridor that you might find in a mall or in an airport). I was with about 2-3 other women when we saw him. He looked a bit haggard, like much older and more worn out looking than a few years ago. Us women commented on it to one another. It made me sad, that in his prime he was so full of vigor and now to see the years beginning to take their toll.

But then the other women were gone and I was walking this huge corridor by myself when I caught up to Donald. He made a remark which let me know he had overheard our previous conversation. I explained what we had said and then proceeded to tell him the story of how I (and my husband) became such strong prayer supporters of his because of the LORD. He listened with interest, but also appeared in a hurry as if he had someplace he must be shortly.

I explained how when I was young (a teen and in my 20s) I only knew of him through small movie cameos and such, but never followed his life or anything. I just knew him as “that rich guy”. Even when he announced his bid for the president, I told him I was a bit confused and that I supported Newt Gingrich. He told me that Newt would have been a 1-year president (he gave me a name for this which I can’t remember). In the dream I knew he was right. But then, I went on to tell him how the LORD revealed that he (Trump) was His choice (GOD’s choice). These were not the exact words in the dream, but the general sentiment. Again, he was interested and intrigued, but in an obvious hurry to be someplace. He had stopped to hear my story and was facing me, but was also taking a step back and towards the large automatic doors leading out of this corridor to the outside. Seeing he needed to go, I said, “There’s lots more to the story, but you get the general idea.”

Then the scene changed and we were in a parking garage and Trump was about to get into his car. I assured him that we (my husband and I) we’re allies, strong allies, and that we would be “with” him this whole time coming up (in prayer) and that we were strong Allie’s because we were with the LORD. He really seemed to appreciate this even as he was about to leave. Then I said rather somberly, but gently, “You know you’re only coming back for a short time, right?” He turned to look at me and I saw genuine surprise in his face as if he didn’t know that. I repeated my statement, but with the kind of measured encouragement that you might give to someone going off to war, it was a mixture of sadness and encouragement. It was the sober encouragement that this was what had to be, like it was in the LORD’s plans and hands.

Then, as he was about to get into the car, I opened my arms in an invitation to embrace him. He stepped forward to hug me and as I tightly embraced him I became emotional with a mixture of love and sadness. Love from what the LORD revealed to me prophetically about Donald Trump as a man and about his heart (he has a father’s heart) and from the love that naturally grows in our hearts when we spend years praying and interceding for someone (even someone we’ve never met in real life. This kind of prayer produces love and a type of ‘knowing’ of that person. Sadness from knowing the gravity of his GOD-given assignment and what he was about to do and experience. And this this strong mix of emotions that I clearly felt in this dream as I hugged President Trump, I said a very heartfelt “I love you”.

He didn’t quite know what to make of it, but accepted it. He then said, “I guess I love you, too”. As he stepped into the back seat of his car with his attendants around him, I said, “I’ll see you soon.” I knew I would be seeing him soon in Heaven. It was only toward the end of the dream that I realized where Trump was in a rush to go. It was back to the presidency. But for a short time.

The 7th king must “continue a short space”. Obama is the 6th and the 8th king of Revelation, the beast. Biden, or this actor playing the role of Joe Biden, is not numbered in the kings. He is an Adonijah, a false paper king who crowned himself. There have been many misunderstandings regarding Trump and his end time role. He is GOD’s chosen servant for a very specific and important assignment, regardless of how much he himself understands it. When he comes back to his rightful position, there will be a firestorm among Believers. Some Christians will declare him to be the Antichrist and point to his return and the people’s jubilation as proof. But this is wrong. Other people will see his return as America’s salvation, that now everything will turn around and all will be well, placing their trust in him as a man rather than trusting in GOD alone. But this is also wrong.

What I believe the LORD has shown (and this is from a combination of biblical prophecy, personal prophetic revelation from the LORD, and from what the LORD has shown others who I believe truly heard from Him) is that President Trump is the legitimate president of the United States and that the LORD will return him to his rightful seat/ position to continue what the LORD’s will. I believe it will be a time of great turmoil as far as different voices and opinions, but that the LORD will uniquely use this time to destroy much of what the enemy has been building (the Beast System) for many years. I believe the LORD will use Trump (his last name is no accident) for judgment and justice of the enemy and that there will be a unique open heavens type atmosphere where many will be freed to chose for JESUS. I believe this is when the harvest will start to begin. But this time will be short-lived and also another judgment/ opportunity for people to be tested. Is our faith squarely in the LORD or is our heart still set on earthly, temporal things? I believe something will take Trump out (death or not, I don’t know) and WWIII will likely begin. The Rapture and glorification of the Remnant Bride/ WWIII, the Great Harvest, and the Great Tribulation are all nearly parallel concurrent events, happening and starting in very close timeframes. This is what I believe the LORD has revealed.


I was in a large car with several people. I remember AOC, Hillary Clinton, and some other evil but high-ranking women in the spheres of politics and the entertainment Indy. They were all dressed nicely, in expensive business attire, perfect make-up, etc. Their conversation at first seemed friendly, but as we began talking their remarks very quickly turned snide and mean. At first it was a little veiled, but then it became quite overt. They began reaching for me with they hands and fingers, which had claw-like fingernails. I quickly took authority over them in JESUS’ Name and spoke His Name and His blood over and over. These wicked women instantly froze, as did their plans to harm me. They no longer looked beautiful with their pretty business suits in a variety of colors, but now all appeared this charcoal grey-black, smoky, dusty kind of color and they also no longer had the appearance they did moments ago as healthy, well-nourished women. Their frames looked quite guant and more skeletal. However, they were frozen. They were aware, just not able to do anything. I felt joy and laughed as I said the Name of JESUS aloud. I wasn’t laughing out of mockery or anything, it was pure and simple joy in the protection and safe keeping we enjoy in JESUS CHRIST, the authority and protection that we have over demonic spirits in His Name. In the dream I knew it wouldn’t always be like this, that there was a time coming during the Tribulation when the enemy would have power over the saints left behind at that time. But for now, I was thankful for and enjoying what we still had now.

I feel these dreams are connected and showing how the time is now for all these things (and by that I mean all things prophesied about the end) to take place. After these dreams I woke up and also listened to Sister Barbara Francis’ message from the LORD regarding September 24th and the Day of Vengeance. Again, I believe the LORD is showing us it’s all now. But please try, we do not fear. JESUS never gave an allowance in His Word for us to fear. This is the time when faith is proven. Just like bread is proved in the oven or gold in the smelter. This is the time of faith. Not faith that GOD will do what WE want Him to do or that GOD should do according to OUR understanding of Scripture or personal belief. No, GOD is going to fulfill prophecy just as He intended from the very beginning. We have lots of opinions and theories, but prophecy has a habit of being fulfilled a lot differently than we humans thought or imagined. I tried to give you my level best of what I believe the LORD has revealed for these times, but I can get it wrong. We all get a lot wrong. We must leave room for that. Always be humble and leave room for what you don’t know. And let us love and pray for one another and the whole world. There’s a lot of souls that need to be saved and a lot of prodigals that need to come home, and a lot of apostates that need repentance, and a lot of lukewarm that need firing up, and a lot of deception that needs correction, and all of us need humility and grace to fulfill our last tasks as the LORD wills~

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