2 Dreams: putting holy water on the doors to keep the demons out / huge greenish blue planet & fire was falling to the earth – Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones

September 7, 2018
This was received around the week before last but I cant get out of my head and I guess my spirit keeps telling me to post it maybe it can be a warning for others but I had 2 dreams close to each other the first one I had it was dark and I was trying to get into this house I had a feeling it was my house and it was dark and I came to my door and there was what looked to be a catholic priest but I’m not catholic and he was spraying holy water on the doors and I asked him what he was doing he said putting holy water on the doors to keep the demons out and then my dreamed ended the dream that really been put on my heart was the next one I dreamed I was at my moms and it was also dark and I went and looked out her window toward the back of the house and there was a huge greenish blue planet where you could see the surface every indent of it and fire was falling to the earth and surprisely I wasn’t even scared I felt very calm I don’t know what it means I just felt like I needed to share.

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  1. Tim

    Lisa, your 2nd dream echoes that of several others in recent months. Read the following scriptures and ask our Father for spiritual discernment.

    1) Malachi 4:1-2. (These two verses seem like polar opposites, but be in the spirit. Remember that He comes with a TWO-EDGED SWORD).

    2) Revelation 21:22-27


    3) Revelation 22:1-5.

    I won’t say anything more, because this is something that must be spiritually discerned. Think about what Jesus said when He asked the disciples “Who do they say I am?”

    God bless you,

    Your brother in Christ,

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