2 Dreams: EMP (lights out), Invasion and Tribulation / Russian Nuclear Missles – DT Turner

DT Turner
April 13-14, 2018. I was given 2 dreams from the Lord 2 nights straight. I had just started my repentance recently right after Easter Sunday (April 1st) Resurrection Day. I had been watching testimonies of how people came to the Lord and I seen stuff online about the signs of us being in the end times (nothing violent). So the first night I prayed and ask God to show me what’s to come. A hour later, forgetting that I even asked, I fell asleep.

The first dream started with me and about 4 others in my bedroom I live in a city called Bryan, TX. I was sitting on the edge of the bed the tv was playing, ceiling light was on etc. suddenly all power just shut off. I thought I needed to go and check the breaker so I got up and soon as I walked through the door into the hallway someone grabbed me by the shoulder and walked me back in the room with a rifle. They held us up for a little while interrogating us I couldn’t remember about what. Eventually they left and we went outside. As I walked out I was now in a different city. It was nothing but chaos going on. The grounds looked all crumbled, buildings were falling, people were running to and fro, wrecks were happening. It was just terrible. I could remember being chased by some type of military group. The last thing I remembered was someone next to me saying “we gotta make our way to the mountains”.
What a got from this dream was EMP(lights out), Invasion and tribulation. So I woke up the next morning just shocked after realizing what I had just dreamed and remembering asking God to show me because it was basically my first time ever asking Him to give me a dream, not really expecting to have one. So fast forward it’s night time again I never asked for a dream I just went to sleep and awoke very early the next morning. I got up and turned on the ceiling fan and laid back down. I then prayed to God for confirmation of the dream was from Him give me another, if it was not, don’t let me have another. Right after praying I checked my phone and it was 4:44am! I felt the spirit and chills immediately because this couldn’t be a coincidence I already knew He was going to give me another dream. So I fell asleep and this next dream I remember being in a hotel, looking out the window and seeing a body of water. In the sky, I see a nuke/missle headed my way in slow motion. Now looking at the water I could see another missle just riding on top of the water coming also. I never seen either of them explode only coming. Right after I remember picking up a white handheld tablet, and on it was an overview of the country of RUSSIA.
That was all I remembered from that dream. Now later this day after waking up, I ran across a link on Facebook saying “Russia prepares for nuclear war”. Coincidence? Then I ran across a link on YouTube titled “Russia boasts new nuclear weapons”. In this video Russia sports a new missle they claim can reach almost anywhere on earth. (Through space/the air) and another submarine type missle that shoots underwater. Coincidence? Before the dreams I never watched the news, I never googled anything about Russia, or Israel, neither was I ever thinking about nuclear war. I never even watched the news in my own local city. I was completely unaware of what’s going on right now. Ever since then I’ve been living in complete repentance as much as possible because God is speaking to us all. Jesus Christ will return soon and I hope you guys could share this message sorry I didn’t share sooner but seeing how everything is unfolding since I had the dreams I just had to share. It’s no coincidence I found your page either I believe everyone being awakened and truly seeking the Lord is being put on the same wave right now. God bless you all keep looking up
-D. Turner

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