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2 Dreams: Chinese Power Grows & Battle with Mexico-But Believers Prosper – Robert A. Avila

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2 Dreams: Chinese Power Grows & Battle
with Mexico-But Believers Prosper

January 29, 2022
Robert A. Avila

The enemy will grow and rise up against us. But God will favor the faithful.

That is the message from two dreams rec’d January 27 & 28.

Dream 1:

I’ve returned to America and I’m hungry. Friends drop me at a new mall. It is hideous, bright yellow, blue, green (colors associated with demonic activity.) The walls and footprint are distorted to produce an overall negative impact on the subconscious psyche.

The restaurant is owned by China, a new and rapidly-expanding franchise. (This dovetails a dream rec’d by Nathan Leal over a decade ago—Americans have little food, but China has a lot and sells it at exorbitant prices.)

There is a bookstore in this mall as well. And one shelf is dedicated to my books. Spaces show that the books are selling.

So: China increases negative impact on US, but I (=faith-filled believer) am blessed.


Dream 2:

Battle lines drawn on opposing banks of a river. Mexicans repelled all attempts to form a base on their side. American general says it cannot be done and quits the battlefield. He fears he could be killed.

But two lieutenants received a battle plan in a dream. They convince the other officers, and in the night, they attack using the vision-plan of attack.

It works!

The next day, the general returns. The Americans have a large portion of land on the far side of the river and logistics are beginning to move, to fortify the advance position.

General dumbfounded. Believers overjoyed.

So: Where unbelievers fail, the saints will find success, aided by favor from God.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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