There is a Clarion call! Sound the Alarm!! – Ann Jackson

Ann Jackson

April 28, 2018

This is what I heard the Lord say in prayer:

Tell my people do not let down their defense.
It is a distraction,
It is not what it appears to be.
While the people are focused on one thing, something else is being plotted behind the scene.
What seemed to be good is not good.
That’s how it was meant to present itself.
It’s a cover up! Conspiracy!
The enemy is moving in to infiltrate.

I also heard the Lord say, There is a Clarion call!
Sound the Alarm!!
The same way the enemy is on High Alert/Defcon one in the natural
It is time for my watchmen’s, prophets, prayer warriors, intercessors, and my people to move into High alert/ Defcon One in the spirit.
Tell them to ready my people. This is no time to let their defenses down. Stay Alert!! Do not get distracted. The enemy wants to down-play my people.
Tell them do not take this warning lightly. Tell them the enemy is at an all time high!
**Confirmation, I have been in High Alert for days.. Fast and pray, be wise,and take heed…


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