Turning A Blind Eye – Carla Smith

Turning A Blind Eye

July 18, 2019
Carla Smith

Daughter, Write these Words …

Since the beginning of time as you know it, I have been in complete control of all things … Nothing happens that I do not allow … Who can stand beside Me except My Son who gave His life to redeem all My creation … His life was given so that My creation could walk in fellowship with Me.

Look at the signs all around you, can you not see? … Warning after warning is upon you and still man chooses to not see that judgment is upon the earth! … Man chooses to turn a blind eye to the truth of My Word, walking in darkness as though they see clearly thinking all is well, IT IS NOT! … They turn a blind eye to gross sin allowing it to remain instead of stopping it at the root … Laws allowing gross sin to replace My Laws will always lead to death … Man is dead in their trespasses but think they’re fine.

I SAY PREPARE!! PREPARE for My Hand of judgment to shake the nations … Judgments that will change mans perspective in a moment, within a BLINK, all will change!

Who is man to think they are above Me! … No man can undo what I have ordained in My Word!!

Prepare your heart and minds to see what you never thought you would see … Put your trust in ME ALONE, fore I will sustain and protect My own … Outside of Me you CAN NOT stand, because fear will rule anyone that hasn’t built their foundation in Me and MY Word!

Be prepared to help all who look to you for help and understanding, thousands will need guidance … DO NOT put your trust in any man or government, because I AM your Guidance and Redeemer.

Can sin go unpunished? In My Word it is clear that any sin that raises itself up against My laws will be brought down though My righteous judgments.

Make yourselves ready, stay in My Word and seek Me diligently … Ask Me to show you how to prepare your mind for what you will see and hear … Hearts will fail man when they see just how evil man can be … Prepare! Stay before Me in prayer … Ask for MY WISDOM!

Thank you Abba (Father) for this Word … I love You.

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John 3:16 Acts 7:55-56 Romans 6:23 Hebrews 4:12-13, 11:6 James 1:5-7, 4:8
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