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144000 downloaded!

July 29, 2023 8:44 PM
Lisa B
Prayer Warrior, Australia.
Revelations 7:3 - Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.

Greetings to Jonathan and my brothers and sisters in Christ, the Lord has tied up some puzzle pieces this week for me that I have been lead to share with you all.


Piece 1 – Vision received approx 4 years ago.

A blue computer screen with a bar across it. (The type of bar that fills up from left to right as software is being downloaded, from 0% to 100%)

Above the bar it read: 144000. Left of the bar if read 0%

I immediately got excited, understanding that the 144000 were preparing to be downloaded/loaded up/sealed/transformed etc.


Piece 2 – Vision received approx 3 years ago.

In a flash vision I saw: 37%

I immediately asked the Lord if this referred to the bar above, had it moved from 0% to 37%?


Piece 3 – Vision received 15 May 2023

In a flash vision I saw: 67%

My spirit lifted again, “Lord is the bar at 67% now?” I tried projecting forward where 100% might lie? A few years? Months?


Piece 4 – Vision received 14 June 2023

I had a vision of me holding a large tub of yogurt. I seemed to have lost the lid and I sealed the top with some tin foil and put it back in the fridge. End of vision.

After I came out of my prayer session I went to my fridge and inspected the tub of yogurt, It said 98% fat free on it. Now I’m wondering if the bar means 98% sealed?


Piece 5 – 26 July 2023 (This week).

The Lord woke me at 1:00am. My eyes were blurry and I didn’t see the colon. I read it as 100! I thought to myself, well that’s easy to remember, I will look up 100 in the Strongs Concordance in the morning.

I did some warfare prayers (Vile nasties coming for me again…boring!!)

When I woke up in the morning, I remembered seeing the one hundred. I was so excited at seeing 100. I asked the Lord repeatedly is it 100%? Is it 100% Is the bar 100%?

My 11 year old daughter came through to my room then, and I quickly told her to look up one hundred in the Strongs concordance for me. (My eyes aren’t great and I can NEVER find my glasses.)

She responded immediately: “100 OR 100 percent?” I burst out laughing and praised the Lord. It seemed like confirmation her saying percent, and when I asked her why she would say that, as the Strongs isn’t percent to my knowledge, just words and numbers. She shrugged and said she didn’t know. The Holy Spirit was on me at this point, and I asked the Lord to confirm again. After driving my daughter to school, I pulled over outside the school to leave a message for my sister (also bride of Christ.) I was so excited and desperate to tell her that I thought the bar had now reached 100% and that the 144000 were about to be sealed. As I started leaving a message I looked ahead and the parked car in front of me had 144 on the number plate. The Lord uses 144 and 124 most of the time with me to confirm things.


And so, my glorious brothers and sisters in Christ, having since received two more “100%” confirmations, I think we can all feel the closeness of this event in the spirit now.

The attacks are relentless, I have to laugh that I am now dealing with spirits of Jezebel and Leviathan at the same time, I got bitten by a snake on my hand in a dream, (Just like Paul!). My son has a horrible Octopus spirit causing him so many problems now as well.

I know we are weary, but we should know that when the enemy brings out the big guns at one time, that his desperation grows and he is panicking as he is out of time.

I pray for the Lord to breathe mightily over you, may we all be refreshed in him, as he makes our yokes easy and our burdens light.


As a seer I have to wait on the Lord for confirmations, more pieces fitting and watch in amazement as he ties things together. I would never want to lead anyone down the wrong path with my own understanding or misinterpretation, and so with all messages, please take this to the Lord for further confirmation.

I have also had several confirmations this week that “The camels are coming,” which I believe means abundance or blessings??

Lets continue to look up, stay focused on our beloved Lord and squash the enemy with our heels daily. I cannot wait to meet you all one day in glory, but until then I will see you in the fields for harvest and battle.

Armour up, swords drawn. Our saviour is at the door.


Lisa B.

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