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13 STRONGMEN – Tim Thompson

13 STRONGMEN – Tim Thompson

*** 13 strongmen that I warn people about *****

Jesus teaches us in the gospel of Mark 3:27 that we have to bind up the strongman. So why are so many Christians only wanting to tell others to fast when their dealing with demonic powers. Why are so many ignoring that Jesus Christ said to bind up the strongmen. If I was to fast every time I have dealt with demons I would have died several years ago of starvation. See the strong men are Satan’s generals, so the strong men tell demons what to do. So lets look at the

13 most powerful strongmen.

1. Spirit of Jealousy psalm 37:1 demons connected to this controlling spirits of envy, hate, bitterness, un-forgiveness, anger,murder

2. Spirit of Lying Proverbs 12:22 Spirit of deception, exaggeration, falsehood,guile,false doctrine, false religions,and craftiness

3. Familiar spirit, Leviticus 19:31 spirits of witchcraft, voodoo, Santeria, Juju, satanism, deviation, witches, dividers, soothsayers, clairvoyants, mediums, spells, curses, hexes, potions, lotions, powders, dust, chants, incantations, sacrifices, offerings, covenants, vows, blood, sperm, fingernails, toenails, hair, urination, and all Occult practices.

4. Ephesians 5:5 Spirit of Perversion: Spirits of sexual immorality, fornication, lust, adultery, pornography, prostitution, being gay, child porn, being lustful towards mannequins, incest, rape and any sexual practices forbidden by the word of God.

5. Isaiah 61:3: Spirit of Heaviness: Spirits of depression, despair, oppression, hopelessness, fatigue, exhaustion, paranoia, anger, fits of rage, torture, being sadistic, cruelty, hindrances, all mental illnesses.

6. Hosea 4:2: Harlotry, controlling all spirits that compete with God, ambition in the work place if its used to put down others or used in sports or in beauty meaning cosmetic surgery, the love of money, material possessions, trophies, fame, awards and corruption.

7. Acts 8:7 Spirit of Infirmity: Spirits of sickness, suffering, diseases, cancer, ailments, disability, pain, terminal illnesses.

8. Mark 9:25: The Deaf and Dumb Spirit: Controlling spirits of epilepsy, fits of rage, convulsions, speech loss, shuddering, going blind, deafness and dumbness.

9. 2 Tim 1:7: Spirit of Fear: Spirits of anxiety, phobias, compulsive behavior patterns, insomnia, terror, anguish, nightmares, mental illnesses and all fears.

10. Prov. 16:18-19 Spirit of Pride: Spirits of haughtiness, egos, arrogance, self-righteousness, refusal to listen and all aspects of the Jezebel spirit.

11. John 8:34: Spirit of Bondage: Spirits of domination, controlling spirits,manipulation spirits, spirits of addiction of any kind, OCD, and all forms of Occult and religious mind control.

12. 1 John 4:3 The Spirit of the Anti-Christ: The spirit of the Anti-Christ is the spirit that rejects all the teachings of Jesus Christ and opposes all the teachings of the Holy Spirit and The word of God.

13. Matt.5:21-22: The Spirit of Murder which is getting involved in gangs, occult’s, racism, greed, insecurities, envy, and selfish ambitions.


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