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12 sheep to the woods! – McKana

12 sheep to the woods! November 11, 2019

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  1. trisha

    Hi! I recently got the 144000 of the tribes of Israel are now ‘working’ ? They had already been ‘sealed of G_d’ a while back now.
    In regards to the 144,000…
    Had a dream about a very big moon and on earth many women with toddlers in strollers. It was nightime so very dark outside. I was in a small car, back seat with my son sleeping beside me. There was condensation on the windows. I wanted to stretch my legs but couldn’t leave my son. He’s 31 in real life.

    Also been repeatedly hearing in Spirit ‘going home, by summer’? ??? I read of the first resurrection on the last day, re martha saying to Jesus, i think in john. Last trumpet, ….angel with the crown, on the clouds, reaping the harvest of the earth in revelations.

    I heard ‘going home’ a while back, and only once but now it’s repeatedly. I only get bits and pieces but no understanding, just references of scripture verses. I am also dreading the winter too somehow. Very cold….

    I had a recent dream about Israel being at war with many nations around them, but also war on another nation elsewhere but didn’t see that nation. Far away from Israel Just that it was attacked too at the same time.

    Read 2 esdras 11 and 12. composite, multi-nation beast/empire. I got info on the belly aka usa, and 3 heads aka russia, big middle head china and don’t know the 3rd head. some feathers are already past. Don’t know about the remainder feathers tho.

    Well, that’s all I can remember at present. Didn’t know that we were so close to the AoD! All I got was 4 horemen are now riding, persecution of the saints, coming of the AC and the word ‘convergence’. Just past couple of days ago, am now vaguely seeing planet x aka, sun, moon and stars falling of matt 24 and poleshift aka isaiah 24…earth like a drunkard sorta thing. So something is definitely going on. I thought matt 24:29 after the tribulation of those days, son, moon and stars…aka 6th seal, aka Day of the Lord was a while yet! AC is behind the scenes at present doing global things aka nwo completion. Holy Spirit influence on the earth now gone, so expect more lawlessness , darkness and evil! re 2 thess 2. So AC soon to be revealed. Christians still have the Holy Spirit but His influence on the earth is now gone.

    sanhedrin in Israel had news article about gog magog war recently too. Neware the noahide laws and the 70 nations to replace the un. ‘I keep getting the ‘little horn’ is from Israel somehow???. Why would I get that since I’m part jew??? Anyways check out noahide laws, un, 70 nations, moving the hague to jerusalem. the recent ceremonies of the sanhedrin and the 70 nations, at hannakah 2018 and sept 25-27, 2019.





    I belive in the 10 commandments, not the 7 noahide laws which are from the talmud. I believe in the old testament and new testament and that Jesus/Yeshua is the promised Messiah. G_d in the flesh aka Son of G_d!

    Typing quickly so not the best grammar!

  2. Arizona

    JUST A LITTLE REMINDER TO YOU LAZY CHRISTIANS OUT THERE.,…..OUR FATHER HATES ,you typing G-D…IF your smart .DON’T DO IT,IF you can’t type his TITLE correctly,..DON’T DO IT AT ALL..

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