11th Hour Rest – Mike M

11th Hour Rest

October 16, 2019
Mike M

I see your cities. I see your towns. I see your homes. They are so easy to me. So small. So simple to take over. Hide yourself in me for what will befall you. “We have built a fortress” you say to yourself. But I tell you these walls and structures are but building blocks of a child’s toy to me. “We are safe” you boast, but not if you are not in me. Sound the alarm for my people to enter into the secret place under my wings. I know your streets, your intersections, your town square, your shops and all the people abiding therein. I see the Mayor and the city councils. I see them. And I see it will still befall you for it is written. (Matt. 24). Perilous times lie ahead. You will be stretched in faith & labor as the events roll in faster and faster. All around you will it be and no safety or hope outside of me. I warn all-both great and small, rich and poor. I am just and fair. My clarion call resounds around the globe like a bell struck at the 11th hour. Prepare the way. Gird up your loins. Shift your focus. Fast and pray and intercede in this high evil season. Have you come this far by grace through faith to give up now when you are so close to the finish line? Surely not! For just today do the works in faith & then rest. I am the God of emergencies. I give my beloved sleep. So choose to hide & rest in my bosom. Do not lose the balance. Remember, I gave you laughter. Do not let the seriousness of the time be your burden. As a loving Father watches as a guardian as his children play without a worry, so also I want you to play and rest and I keep watch. Well done, my good and faithful servants. I come to you daily, and your reward is with me.

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