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🔥🔥A WARNING DREAM🔥🔥 – Leilani Masaniai

Leilani Masaniai


June 17, 2018

This is unusual for me. I have dreams, but never like this. It was so real and terrifying. And it was about a volcano.

I was in a two story apartment with a balcony. I look out the balcony window and see a thick, red orange beam cutting through the blue sky. Where I was sitting you could not tell how far up it went. I got up and went to the balcony. It was a volcano. The “beam” was a vertical river of lava like I’ve never seen! (the pic below was the closest I could find) it was shooting so strong and so high! Way higher than skyscrapers! It was terrifying! I was in awe. I knew we had to get out of there! People were gathering in the parking lot below—-in awe-like they couldn’t move! We had never seen this before. There was so much lava it was making a lake of lava right before our eyes…I was yelling, get your shoes and your go bags! It’s gonna spill over!!! People were just standing in shock and awe…a neighbor across the street had family gathering on her porch in rocking chairs, sipping drinks and not even seeing it coming!…I ran back up the into the apartment to gather some things to leave…and I can hear the lake of lava spilling over into the neighborhood…I turn and look out the balcony window and I see clouds of smoke…lava burning everything…and the beam of lava in the sky still going strong showing no signs of stopping.
I go downstairs to leave out the front and the street is filled with people struggling to flee. In chaos running and running over people…

When I was looking for images to illustrate the people I saw fleeing this volcano, I could only find ones of island or natives fleeing volcanic eruptions… but in this dream I could tell it was Americans, not foreigners…so when I came across these of Americans fleeing 9/11-they fitperfectly …Americans wearing work clothes completely caught off guard is what I saw…

Terrible things are coming.
Warn others to come to Jesus while they can.
We are not promised tomorrow.


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