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Words of Warning and Words of Encouragement – Bette Stevens


Words of Warning and Words of Encouragement

December 7, 2021
Bette Stevens



Auto Generated Transcript

good morning everyone today is a tuesday
december 7th of 2021 and i wanted to
come again to you
bring you some words from the lord
and i’ve been hearing this i heard part
of it last week
i heard more yesterday and i think it’s
very paramount
have had a very hard time coming on here
because i really um i’m sensing the lord
is bringing
for myself
an end to being on
youtube however in any social media
i’m going to continue to be obedient
until i know for sure
that this is um i am to
give it up that these will be my last
i know or i’m sure there have been
others that are already off or have quit
giving but again
i go by the holy spirit for myself
everybody has a
um has
a spirit to go to and listen to the holy
spirit and he talks to you
not talking to everyone else he’s
talking to you this is why we have an
intimate relationship with him
so anyway
uh let me give you the words first that
the lord has given me
i will
give scripture in the description box if
you want to read them
and study them
i highly
encourage you to read the scriptures
i encourage you to get the mindset of
christ in you
and i highly encourage you
get and keep the relationship you have
with him
because that is going to be the most
paramount is your relationship with him
when everything else is gone
wiped away
that is going to be the most important
if you will
your relationship with christ no one
no one else’s relationship
because nothing can compare and i’m here
to encourage you today
even with what i have to say and what i
have to share
to please
make sure
make sure
that you are right with god
you are right with him
all right
the first word i heard you know it took
me a while
to really release it i’ve i’ve spoken
this to just a couple people shared it
and and i was waiting to see if the lord
wanted to give me anything
i’m sure there’s a lot out there
and i’m not
i’m i’m more interested in my
relationship than i am with all the
stuff going on because it’s ongoing
a lot of things are happening and i want
to bring only on here not the everyday
this one said this here’s this this over
here that’s all well and fine but i want
to bring you important things from the
let me just say this
we are seeing
many things
and not everything is from the enemy
many of these things that are happening
god is landing is his judgment his
and the other thing
that i want to say
is again
making sure that you
take everything before the lord making
sure you take everything to the spirit
in prayer
that everything is put before the lord
and that we are to go to the lord it
doesn’t matter what people say about us
or think they know about us
or however they look at us
we are not here to get praises from men
be comfortable
in our circumstances
we are here
as god’s people
as a remnant of believers
sitting on the edge being ready
being purposed for whatever god has
has called us to do
and so without further ado i am going to
give you
the first word
massive this is emphasized in all of the
word that i use
now this is the particular word that i
heard all last week and the week before
several years ago i did hear about the
and i when i when i heard about it at
the time it was
called a lockdown
and to me it still is but
the lord said
coming he makes things very clear to me
and he makes them very simple there is
no complex you know complex things to
when he gives us something it is our
responsibility to search us out search
it out for ourselves it is also our
responsibility to give it out to the
body of christ if
the lord thy god has told us to
not because we feel we must
not because somebody else is giving
and what it entails you know and then i
did get
it was very interesting i got a
confirmation the lord was putting all
this together from another sister
and um i’m not gonna go into that but
what that lock down it might be easier
shot down what it is
is it’s an overall
it can be even global
it can be a nation
that will be on a lockdown
that what i heard from the lord it will
uh there will not be a deadline
if you remember the last lockdown there
were always dates given
like we’re going to do this and this and
this on this date and then it will go to
this date and then if we need to change
it you see this is man
not sure of anything see when when we
receive words in christ or at least when
i do
whether it’s a vision a dream i am very
sure of what i’m giving because
i know that i have to stand before a
holy god and give an account
and i know that if there are things in
my life that are not right
or even if someone should point
something out
what do i do
i go right to the holy spirit first and
foremost is this right
is this right
is this right is
what i’m hearing correct or whatever it
may be i go right to the holy spirit
i don’t
i don’t i’ve always done that
so it it will entail
one where you will not be allowed to
leave your home or property basically
when it gets to that when it gets to
that point and it will
because the lord said so
it will mean
you will not leave
wherever you happen to be at you will
not leave your home or your property
period for no reason
and if you do
you will be shot if you are caught you
will be shot on sight and i had said
this years ago and many of you may be
new to the channel so i’m
the lord was realiting to me and i’m a
person that i like to move forward i say
what i need to say
i speak what i need to speak and i go on
and i leave it to others
if they want to receive or they don’t or
they don’t know that is on them
i have done my part and so when he said
this i knew how serious it was it is
coming it is going to be it will be it
is coming and it will be
and so
this is why i am encouraging you today
to please
make sure you are right with god so that
no matter where you are
no matter what happens no matter what
you hear or what you see
you will know
that god
is with
you now
yesterday was the 6th of december
so i want
the next word that came was yesterday
there was quite a few words i’m so i’m
gonna get into all this and tie it
together just bear with me they’re very
important words and i don’t dare
uh mess them up or hurry them along
because people don’t want to
you can always come back to this video
if you like
it’s going to be very important to hear
people that speak truth
that don’t that try to keep it simple so
that the body of christ can understand
all right so the next few words are
yeah i got to read my own writing
down time
let me say it again
massive downtime of banks
and then i’ll give them to you power
of people
of people
bank exposure
i’m giving this very slowly let’s go
back to this word here
downtime of banks
my understanding that was given to me
is that it means the banks are coming to
a post
with money
any good the banks the stocks everything
is coming to a close
it is happening
very quickly
and so
be very aware now i’m going to tell you
again i’m very
avid about this
we should be watching
our bank accounts yes
when the lord tells you to take most of
not all your money out you do it
we are not going on man and i’m going to
tell you why god has warned in there
about trusting man to everything let me
just tell you why
because when things come out and we find
all these things out or we hear them we
tend to go on a lot of emotion oh my
goodness fear and fear is such a
here these days the over the last year
or two and so we run
on fear
which can make us make bad decisions or
we make decisions based on what others
are doing or what others aren’t doing or
what others have said
so when i’m giving these i want to make
it perfectly clear
so when i’m giving these words
i want
you to be encouraged to go to the spirit
and see what he tells you to do or not
to do
in the event
of these things happening
they will be happening
very very soon the lord was very adamant
to me about it this is why
i’m coming on
colonization of people
i heard this
years ago from the spirit and i didn’t
understand it i’ve gotten more and i
don’t hear a lot about about it
amongst all the warnings and things here
what it is
they the powers to be want to colonize
people make colonies in other words
bring all people in those that live in
the suburbs those that live in the rural
country areas everywhere they want to
bring them in they’d like to
get them in colonies
where they can easily watch them
and make sure
they’re doing what they’re supposed to
that is what colonies are
they are groups some of them are like
apartment buildings they’re stacked one
upon another
and you’re so closed in
so closed in
i believe uh mr obama
spoke of it
uh very very briefly and it was a secret
and he spoke about
wanting to divide america into
territories or what he calls
but the lord was speaking to me about
all right
i’m going to leave each thing here and
you can go to the spirit for yourself
and seek him out on these things
bank exposure
which is a little different
massive downtime
bank exposure
is where the lord is going to show
all these banks what they really have
and what they don’t
and who is behind all of it it may be a
very surprise he would not tell me
it it may be a very shocking surprise
because he was very adamant he is going
to expose some things in the banking
and those that are supposed to be
ensuring bank accounts
and how easy it will be because
orders and laws are already in place
that we
as the people
have become
instead of an asset with our accounts
which in turn
gives them legal right
to take them
take the money whatever they want
and whether or not we get any of it or
not doesn’t matter
we will be subjected under the tyranny
of the banks and truly right now all
all systems are trying to throw away the
dollar it will not be very long
so make sure
make sure that when you are prepping
what i’m telling you we have already
done or in the process of doing i would
have some cash on hand however
the lord did tell me also
keep in mind
even when it’s in your possession
gold and silver
will only last you for a while they will
not be permitted down the road
in fact it’s coming quicker
the technology that is out there right
now will be what is used
it’ll be what it’s used and people that
have so dependent on
money gold silver
things that are worth a lot of money
will be no good
again this is why
the lord is saying
get your riches up look up look up look
don’t look down
down is for those that are going to lose
everything down is for those
that satan wants to kill steal and
look up look up
our redemption draws nigh look up
our treasures are in heaven
not here not here on this earth not here
in this place
not here where things will be taken away
thrown away trashed
rusted not of any effect no good
so and then let me just finish there was
just a little more and then i’m going to
go on to something
he said the pestilence will continue and
the plagues that it will be on a much
grander scale
so the next
may be
i believe
trying to tie this all up for you so you
understand where i’m going with this
will come
with this lockdown
massive shutdown all right
it will be associated they’re working it
now i do know that and i’m sure many
know that they’re working this
because what will it do
well number one
they’ve already seen
people react
did not do it on a grand scale like
people thought where everyone would know
and that would be a no
satan instead he knew it could bring
confusion so that there would be a big
divide in the church and
in the world in the public arenas
he’s doing it in increments
everything is here he’s doing it in
increments he’s doing it in increments
or segments if you will
and this is where the confusion is and
this is why people are having a
difficult time with all these things
to believe and not to believe satan was
a very clever
very clever
and he knows exactly what he’s doing and
he knows exactly where to get people
what weak spots
that’s why again it’s very very
be doing spiritual warfare putting on
our daily learning
learning the weapons we will be using
in the days ahead they will be
supernatural we need to be learning how
to walk in the supernatural we need to
read the bible supernaturally because
there are layers upon layers of
scripture and understanding
all right that
is all i have for now
is the lord showing me many things yes
he is
yes he is
i want to say one more thing
i’m going to possibly
be bringing out it’s not going to be in
this video i don’t really have time and
i and the lord is speaking with me about
the big black box that i saw in
and how it will tie in
with the cell towers
and how it will tie in with the beast
because satan’s already brought the
confusion he’s already put it and got a
piece that says hey they’re in fear
they don’t want to hurt people’s
don’t want to tell people hey
marginalize it
everything the mark
and all the beast things that are going
on with the beat system
because they are people are unfair they
don’t want to really speak it
they don’t want it but
it is what it is
there’s no turning back
there’s no changing it there’s no
praying it away
and so i’m going to leave it um if you
have not
seen the series
of um
my time under antarctica let me tell you
this is why i can say what i say in
regard to the b system then i encourage
you to watch it it is on our youtube
channel a servant’s heart in the
playlist you can look them up
the other thing
i’m going to share something with you
i don’t normally share my experiences
that way too much
um but
i think it will help someone i i i
think about this i’ve shared a little
bit of it i’m going to go a little
further in it
i’ve had this dream vision three
different times
and it’s been coming very
how shall i say it very
it’s been coming a lot more
so let me give you
what it is
in the stream every time
i was shot
and i heard it
as i was falling to the ground
she’s been shot
people knew me
people didn’t know me i
don’t know how the lord
worked it out but
he did know me
i mean
he knows me very well does the lord but
i was really out there a lot of people
knew who i was and they said she’s been
shot like it wasn’t a shocking thing
that as i fell to the ground i heard
those words and
that was it
i don’t know who shot me
i don’t know if this is truly going to
i don’t know if this is a warning to be
to be watchful
mean anyway i’m gonna go on so the next
thing that i see i see i’m in a hospital
i’m in the hospital
in a room
and my husband is there
and there’s some other people
i woke up i opened my eyes and i looked
at him and i said
how long have i been here how long have
i been asleep
he said two weeks
so after i i have no i i have no memory
of where i would shot if i was shot in
the head
in the arm and the mind but apparently i
went into a coma
for two weeks
and so when i woke up and asked him
i had been in two weeks all right
within that time
i came out of my body and now
let me tell you i’ve been out of my body
the translation of the spirit i’ve been
many places
i’ve been there’s there’s a reason for
that and i can’t go into that
right now it’s very personal
i just can’t there’s too much out here
on the internet that would put me at
and i really don’t need any more of that
but either way
not to get off the subject
during that time that i was out that i
was in a coma
i was out of my body and i was up in the
throne room
the lord took me completely up there i
went up
i’m going to tell you
when you
look at things around
it is so beautiful
and the lord is in all his splendor and
the fire
and the authority
authenticity of things is just
unbelievable and i know i’ve been there
a couple times i mean it’s not like i’m
there all the time of course but
this was different this was very
and i’m trying to give it as accurate as
i can
because the reason why i’m giving it is
because i want some i believe some
people need to hear it
to be encouraged and to not be unfair
as i was looking there as i was there i
saw the angels and they were all in
beautiful attire their horns
their shofars were blowing
they were singing
they were in
synchronizing harmony
i was told you know
i just i just i mean
i’ll tell you you do get in fear
whenever this occur
because these kind of things
the lord smiled at me
he lifted me up
i was too
nervous i know i was i didn’t speak i
didn’t say nothing
i was mesmerized by the beauty
the authority the glory
that i saw in the lord
and i think i was in a little bit of
shock because i don’t don’t even know
why i was there
he said
you know i was crying i do remember that
i i was crying so profusely and i
couldn’t understand why my tears
i mean just weeping
the lord said
do you want you know do you want to stay
do you
do you
are you know
i you know
i’m you’re here
for reason
i just was listening but i was crying
and he kept asking me why are you
weeping why are you crying like that
and finally
when i could get a little bit because i
in front i was not standing there like
i’m looking at you and speaking because
is through your mind in the spirit realm
and this was a different encounter than
what i’d had and
and i said lord
i said i’m crying because i’m here
and i had i had turned around and i
looked and i could see down below me
and i could see myself laying in the bed
very still
my eyes closed
you know
and i could see my husband there and a
couple people and i believe there was a
nurse and a doctor and they were working
the machines and they were talking and i
could see my husband’s face was filled
with grief
almost like
i don’t know
fear not fear
not fear because he’s
afraid but
maybe because he thought he was going to
lose me i don’t know i just know it was
an awful
awful face
and i felt like i’d lost
my best friend
but yet i wanted to stay
and so
i was giving the lord this information i
said lord
i’ve not finished my assignment i
haven’t been able to finish my
assignment yet
and i was weeping i really was crying
it really was very important i sensed it
was important
this assignment that i had and he said
well you know i said lord
we’ve been getting ready for this you’ve
been training me in your classroom and
we we’ve talked about this and i’m not
done how can i be up here i’m not done
with my
assignment he said
what do you want to do
and as i looked at him
i i really i couldn’t see a whole lot
for the tears as i as i looked around oh
my gosh i wanted to stay
how many times we really know we want to
stay we want to go home we want to do
you know
but then something
had me turn around again as i look below
there was a lot more people there
and i turned to the lord and i’m like
look at those people because i really
didn’t know any of them i didn’t know he
said there were many people many souls
that still need
that i want to bring home
and i would like you
to do this for me
and so i looked over there
at the angel singing and rejoicing
then i look back over what i could see
of myself down there
and i said lord
as hard as this is because i was crying
i said lord i want to finish this
assignment for you
i don’t care about myself
i want to finish it for you i want to
help people i want to do
and he said
i know you do
and i said
i want to go back
not just because of my husband
to bring the souls in
if there’s anyone
that needs my help
that i can that’s within my reach
if there’s uh that assignment that’s
coming lord i want to
complete it for you
and i said
i’ve asked you every day to empty me
to bring me under conviction
to cleanse me to be ready
i don’t want to come in
and not be ready for you
and not to have done everything that you
have asked me to do
i just don’t
can’t come in here right now
i have this
assignment you’ve given me and there’s
people out there
and i don’t worry about myself i don’t
care about myself but i do care about
souls and if there’s people out there
that need to come into your kingdom
and you’re please
i need to go back
at least for a while lord
i began to cry again
i just couldn’t hold it back
and he said to me again
and again
he said i’m finalizing your assignment
and you already know this
i’m finalizing your assignment
and there are going to be much great
works that you do
and he said where
the hidden ones have been
they will be coming out
i’m removing
leaders that have already
are done
and i’m also removing those that have
already got their praise from men
because they need to hear
from true people
my people
that i have trained
and that i have kept hidden
and i said so much i love you and i am
so grateful
and after that
i know that i went back into my body
and that was the end
of that dream vision
and later on
i heard
just remember always
to humble yourself
before thy holy god before your god
humble yourself
just remember
and all will be well
i will be with you
and whatever you do
and you will bring
and teach many
to come in
that will be
part of your assignment
and so today
it was
i cannot
tell you
and how different
it is
you’re just different
different all over
even though
there’s more coming that i am not able
to release i have seen quite a bit the
lord shows me and i just hold on to it
and see
if there is more to come
i cringe i have to say this because the
is telling me that i cringe
at some of the things that are being put
out there on the internet in regard to
the things coming
cringe at it
i can’t stand to listen
to any of it
the purity
the holiness
of a god filled with love
that is so perfect
nothing in perth can come before him
and from him to me
and from me to you
humble thyself
before your god
god bless all of you
thank you
for listening
until hopefully
the next time
and shalom

Scriptures for this are:

Dan 7:13-14
Dan 11:32
Dan 12:1-3
Luke 12:1-5
Luke 11:49-50
Amos 3:7
Luke 12:31-40
Luke 12:49-53

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