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March the 19th 2019 at 4:08 p.m.

my daughter
it is I your Lord God Elohim Almighty
who speaks to you this day write these
words for those who have ears to hear I
am he the creator of the heavens and the
earth in our creation I laid out the
great expanse of heaven of heaven in the
universe whereby the firmament the Sun
the Moon and stars and one such heavenly
red body also a star that which gets
much attention of truth seekers those
wanting to know is it real
yeh it is it it is the destroyer behold
this heavenly body is making its way
approaching on its designated time of
arrival and at the time that this was
written you know I feel like you know
it’s been some time this thing is close
to now and it’s nearby and there’s a
reason because I’m gonna link some some
video footage for you to look at and
that would be in the
comments-section but I forgot to mention
guys the title that the Lord selected
helped me to select as well as the image
behold the destroyer read heavenly body
makes haste okay so we’ll get back to
the the word look love you see the red
on the horizon as the Sun comes up and
goes down
I am exposing some things to you so you
may warn my people of its approach in
its course
and one such purpose the crossing of the
planets will occur now when I asked the
Lord about this he said it was also
called the way of the Cross so
apparently there is going to be a sign
of some sort
in the heavens in the firmament first to
see and and we will know that this
planet is here okay or it says planet so
numerous planets it has become apparent
for those who have ears to excuse me for
eyes to see it comes it to see what
comes from afar in my solar system that
which I created it is a long-awaited
heavenly body many have speculated and
conversed and disputed and salt after it
is the it is the very object I wanted
you to look for after I woke you to be a
Skywalker love me for I called you to
speak for me of my coming and warn of
impending disasters and changes to the
earth and is used for judgments to wait
up my people even then I had a perfect
perfect plan for you but you did not
know or see it is that at that time as
do i with all things but it is a parent
the destroyer will be used to shape the
heavens and the earth
I have prompted many to look for this
very sign and many other signs in the
Sun Moon and stars it is near my love as
you know and have it have observed have
observed it in visions as you see it in
the distance it is read as in color as a
flaming fire some call it the red dragon
it is so it makes haste on its approach
the leaders of your government have done
various things to mask its arrival but
soon they may not they will not be able
to hold it back or conceal it as I have
said I will bring all things out from
the head that to the light so they may
they may be seen in latter days they
have covered it up as well as the
incoming debris field accompany the
destroyer so that the Masters would not
see it so not to cause mass chaos and
painting I have allowed it to serve its
perfect purpose for such a time an
appointed time in alignment to cause
therefore dismay among my people instead
in the Egypt during the death during the
plagues as they saw unforeseen things in
their day so shall it be in these days
this very object is breaking down
tearing them and neck the magnetic field
of your earth it is causing and will
calls solar storms and what I’ve heard
here too is emps stray meteors which
could contain asteroids and showers of
fire which when I asked about that that
was hail and brimstone to file
earthquakes to rumble volcanoes to blow
and spear seas to roar as well as how
and intense plasma lightning tornadoes
hurricanes much more although you have
witnessed some weather events created by
mere man party with evil thoughts and
agendas to destroy my loved ones this –
I have allowed to serve in purpose its
purpose in judgment to await my
beloved’s of the earth the atmosphere of
the climate is changing rapidly and
becoming more unstable each passing day
these that I have mentioned will cause
massive storms and flooding and cracking
and shifting of tectonic plates even in
the sea beds of the ocean earth to reel
to and fro as a drunkard being seen and
unseen only I see these shattering
events as I set up up the front and the
earth is my footstool a pole shift will
happen tilting and wobbling will occur o
inhabitants of the earth can you not
notice the changes before you and above
you will you not see them until more
judgment and wrath begins and pours out
upon you even so my my indignation to be
filed with clamor teased and darkness
look up my signs are above in my
firmament I said to watch only a few do
a great multitude is unbeknownst to the
danger lurking above and in their
surroundings as more judgment comes
fiercely and swiftly as a dot a domino
effect throughout the world
nation-to-nation cities – cities country
to country C – C Mountain to mountain
desert to desert vast nature AR water
now no area is
searchable sadly a multitude upon a
multitude will be caught unawares a
snare will come upon them a storm is
brewing and many are not prepared what
more must we do my people to open your
eyes my watchmen maidservants and
prophets have spoken for me sounded the
alarm but many do not heed my warnings
or prepare for my coming many have
warned of time of the tumult and
perilous times ahead will you or wait
before it overtakes you I am coming and
with me comes great change as in the
days of Noah it was a flood that which
came upon them as a snare this time as
promised I will not use total
annihilation by water but will use fire
and brimstone although water will be
used heavily in some areas of this world
by means of to cause massive flooding to
wash away stench and idols of my
children that which they hold sacred
will you be found worthy to escape all
things coming up in the world can you
stand can you endure behold my mighty
hand that commands I’ll watch what I
will do and then I heard a paused and I
waited and then I heard the Lord say
this so this has been then he this was
added it is upon your great land of lady
Lady Liberty and other nations other
nations will see Babylon go up in smoke
and mourn her I will crumble crumble
beneath your feet
Earth’s elements burned up melt from
fervent heat and ocean swell waters
engulf mass areas and wash away to
cleanse the earth and he goes on to ask
another question what more must I say
and do to warn o people of the fallen


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