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Why Sleep Ye? – Byron Searle

Byron Searle

Why Sleep Ye?
March 31, 2018

My son, I asked My Body, Why sleep ye? The lukewarm Church is not praying, and because of that, have fallen into temptation. On this night, I spent with My disciples breaking bread and explaining all things to them, but even they could not pray with Me this night. They represent the Church, always sleeping instead of praying. Only My Remnant know what the hour is, for they have been praying.

So many in My church have fallen into temptation, not only in the flesh, but in the spirit. Many have fallen into strange doctrines, and because they have not been led correctly by the pastors, they are not in My Father’s will. Because they do not pray correctly, their prayers go unanswered. My son, I died for this world, yet I cannot get one hour of prayer for repentance. I was beaten so much, I was unrecognized by My closest friends and My family, yet I cannot get My Body to hear My voice.

My son, I am coming soon, be ready. Many, so many will be standing before Me saying, “But Lord, I did this, or but Lord, I did that, and I said Your Name.” I will say to them with tears in My eyes, “Depart from Me. I knew you not.”

I dragged that cross on My bloody back to a hill that seemed miles away, and like My disciples who ran and hid, the Church is hiding today. The Church has no power. If it did, this nation would not kill the unborn, and the abomination of homosexuality would not be around. If My people prayed instead of slept, this nation would be different. If My people prayed, but they slept.

My Father knew that this is the way it would be from the foundation. He gave prophets to warn the people of what was coming, but they do not believe judgments are here. Get ready to endure, and they will wake up and pray. I love everyone. Pray without ceasing.

Messiah Jesus

Scripture: Luke 22:46 – “And said unto them, Why Sleep Ye? Rise and pray, lest ye enter into temptation.”

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