WHERE WERE YOU? – John Patmos


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02-07-2019 Word from YESHUA HAMASHIACH:


“Where were you on the day that I died? Were you with the Father? Were you in Sheol? Were you alive? Were you dead? Were you in the Mind of God? Did you see Me? Did you watch Me bleed? Did you see the anguish in My face? Did you feel the loneliness when the Father left Me? Did you see My mother’s heart die with Me? Did you see the earth tremble, the ground open, and darkness fill the land when it was finished? Have you ever witnessed anything like this in all ages past?

This was all for you, My brethren, and for your salvation. This is why I came. Why did you not see… why did you not listen…why have you not accepted My truth…? There is no other salvation for you, but this.

My love will always be there for you, as will be My sacrifice, right up to the moment of your last breath. Take My love into your heart, take My sacrifice into your spirit—and Live.

My heart cries out when any of you fail the test on this Earth, and fall into the dominion of Satan; even as the lifeline of My love is there to rescue you, do you still reject Your Savior.

You must have no other gods before Me, and that includes the god of ‘self’. Do you remember the story of Satan? This is how he began to fall; he put himself up as an idol, as his own god; and rebuked the God of all creation. Put the god of self down, and praise the God that made you; and you will begin the journey of salvation.

I suffered, bled and died to save you; I reached out to you in the ultimate way. Reach back to Me, and commune with Me, and allow Me to sanctify you for the Father, that you may be approved.

You have only one life in human flesh, do not waste it, give your life to Me and live; live eternally in love.

I give you Love…… take My hand.


(Jesus The Christ’s name in Hebrew)

—John Patmos

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