“We Will Make NewYork Great Again” – Lucian Lorenz

“We Will Make NewYork Great Again”

Dec 25, 2019 1:18 AM
Lucian Lorenz


Hello, I want to share a dream today that I had after August 2019.

NewYork Gouverneur: “We Will Make NewYork Great Again”

I saw a speech by a man wearing a white shirt and slightly longer hair and a slightly darker skin tone. As the picture a bit zoomed I even recognize the color of his eyes, which is greenish brown. I hardly understand anything about the talking but suddenly I hear him talking about NewYork and he says: “This does not have to be the end of the world … we will make NewYork great again. It will be a great city again. Yeah … we’ll do it! “The moment I hear NewYork I start to listen and ask myself:” Did he just talk about NewYork? And who is this man? “Then I have the feeling that something has happened in New York. During this speech, when I see the face of this man, the face of this man seems to change again and again into Obama’s face. It looks like Obama keeps moving from the background to the foreground. at the moment i don’t understand why obama shows up. you could see the man on his face that he made a big promise by saying: “We are making New York a great city again”. The speech sounded like a speech after a disaster or how to talk after 9/11.

The dream ends and first of all I wonder who this person was who was talking about New York and that it will be great again. If it wasn’t the President, who was it. With NewYork I only connect the governor of NewYork and immediately look who the governor of NewYork is and what his appearance is. Then I see a picture and … he looks exactly like the man in the dream. even the same eye color. It was Andrew Cuomo.

Greetings from germany and God bless you.

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