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War begins at the Borders – Yvonne Heffner

War begins at the Borders

Sep 9, 2019, 8:46 AM
Yvonne Heffner


Dream September 9th 2019

Tonight I woke up from a startling Dream.

I dreamt people from different states across the US started moving inlands , frightened , wanting answers.

There was an older man from Oklahoma who approached me asking if Ohio had the same trouble with certain roads being closed?

He then continued to fill me in on his family being unable to visit him anymore due to these obstructions.

I didn’t have to think long about his questions because in my spirit I knew the answer immediately.

Without hesitation I asked the man :”Do you have any military expertise?

He responded that he none whatsoever, claiming he didn’t understand anything in that regard.

Continuing on, I sat down with him at a table , handing him a bag of dice and said.:”

Imagine the dice are your army , half of the dice representing China and the other half Russia.

Imagine you want to take over a country .Lets say the United States represents this Glass in the centre of the table.

How would you place your soldiers in order to take over the land?” I quizzically inquired.

“Well that depends; do I intend to capture any certain individuals?”

I let him know there would be no Prisoners of War just intentions to infiltrate in complete takeover.

The man then placed his dice surrounding the Glass and replied:”I would just surround them starting at the Borders until they had no where else to go. Eventually everyone would be cornered and easily killed.

The main problem left would be how to dispose of the bodies without raising the alarm of the survivors ?” The man wanted to know.

“Well that’s easy I replied, they already have FEMA camps set up in nearly every state throughout the country. Not to mention those large plastic coffin sized Containers that could house several bodies stacked on top of each other.”

“Still eventually the stench of death would become noticeable.’ The man further suggested.

“I’m sure cremation chambers are not difficult to dispose of the large remains, think about how they did it during the Holocaust.”

The man looked at me with an expression of utter shock and couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

“That’s how I think it is done, evacuate the borders until the people become trapped within , and slowly dispose of them as disasters strike, in the end there would be nothing left and no one would raise questions anymore.”

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