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Vision: THE SWARM – Byron Searle

Byron Searle
Vision on 06/14/18


During my time of prayer this evening, the Lord gave me a vision of what I believe to be a future event in Israel. When the vision began, I found myself very high up in the air above a dessert terrain. It was a very rugged terrain filled mostly with rocks and barren hills. I asked the Lord, “Where am I?” He replied, “The wilderness of sin.” I asked, “Why am I here in a place so barren?” He said, “I brought you here to see the Swarm.” I said, “I do not see anything, much less a swarm.” I then asked, “A swarm of what?”

I was then immediately brought down closer to the land and was able to see men moving about. The clothes they wore blended in with the ground and were hard to see, it was a camo type clothing. Then the Lord said to me, “Look. What do you see?” I looked around and saw what appeared to be a black cloud that seemed to be forming and rising from the direction of the North. I realized that this was not actually a cloud as I looked and saw that it was pulsating and moving and changing its shape. As I continued to watch, I then saw this same type of cloud also forming to the East and to the South. These clouds appeared to me like they were forming beyond the horizon from what I could see.

I said to the Lord, “Those are some very strange clouds.” He told me to, “Look again and tell Me what you see.” I watched in amazement these shape-shifting clouds and realized that they were not clouds at all but a swarm of something. I asked, “Are they birds or maybe bugs?” I asked this because of the way they were moving about. The Lord told me, “Look again,” and then suddenly my vision became crystal clear. I could see that they were not bugs or birds, but thousands of rockets!! I cried out, “Lord, those are rockets! Where are they going?” The sky was so black from the sheer number of them! He said to me, “They are aimed at Israel, but My hand of protection is over them.” He said, “Look again.” I looked, and I saw what appeared like a dome-shaped screen, force field covering over the land, and as the rockets came down and hit it, they blew up. The Lord said, “My heart is for My people. I will save them in their time of trouble. Tell My people I am coming soon, and I love them.”
End of vision.

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