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Vision: Pacific Northwest Volcano – Byron Searle

Byron Searle
Vision of Volcano
Matt. 24:7-8

This day while in prayer, the Lord showed me a vision, but it was not like any vision I had before. This time, I didn’t just see or view it in front of me, I experienced it just like I was there while it was happening. I am at a loss for words and cannot convey just how horrified and completely overwhelmed I felt from this. The whole thing was so beyond my being able to adequately describe the horror and devastation of what took place. I was able to see, hear, and smell everything as it was happening all around me.

After it was over, I broke down and began sobbing and weeping. My wife came over and put her arms around me. She said I held my face in my hands and cried over and over, “I couldn’t help them! I couldn’t help them! I tried to help them, but they wouldn’t take my hand! I kept trying to reach them to pull them out, but they wouldn’t take my hand!”

Here is the vision:
I had been praying and began asking the Lord to reveal to me what was coming. I opened my Bible and began to read, and then He said to me, “I want to show you this. Write what you see.” I picked up my notebook and pen, and instantly I was at the scene of an event that was taking place, which looked to me like somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. I was standing on a riverbank, watching a swollen river with very rough rapids. I thought to myself while I was observing that this must be the spring melt. I could smell and hear the water that was roaring so loudly and very violently. Then I noticed a large tree float by, then another and another. What was once just violent waters was now filled with debris, trees, and branches. Then the water started turning brown, light at first, still with all the trees, and it looked like soup. I then noticed the water was now turning darker brown and then became more muddy and then thicker mud. I asked what is causing this as it was now apparent that it was not just a spring melt. I then saw the body of a person floating by me, face down, and I knew he was dead. Then more and more bodies, all face down. I cried out to God, “What is this?”

He then took me up a little higher to what seemed about 30 feet up, and I saw thousands of bodies. Some people were alive and clawing at anything to rise above the mud. Some people were riding on the tree logs. They were covered with mud, screaming , and had looks of horror and fear on their faces. I saw some praying and crying out to God to save them. I was then at this time standing on the bank, trying to reach out to anyone I could. I would stretch out my hand, but the person would not reach for it. I said, “Lord, I am trying to save them, but they refuse my hand!”

I was then taken back up in the air, and I saw why the rivers were in torrents. It looked like the Northwest. I saw lots of smoke and fire everywhere, all over the ground. Everything was on fire. It looked like an earthquake had taken place and destroyed everything I could see. Then the Lord brought to my attention the mountains. I saw what looked like a volcano erupting, causing all the snow to melt and causing the mud to flow. I heard exlosions and could smell wood burning and also a sulfur, rotten egg kind of smell. I followed the mountain range down and noticed a second volcano erupting. I am not sure which mountain, but it was very tall.

I asked the Lord when is this going to happen, and He said, “Very soon, My son, and no one will expect it.” He then said to me, “Tell My people, I am coming soon – Get ready!”
Messiah Jesus

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  1. Before moving to Alaska, I used to live 27 miles from the summit of Mt Rainier in Bonney Lake, Washington. The Lord spoke to me while in prayer around 2000 concerning the mountain: “I cannot hold this back any longer and although it is not my will, many will die as a result. The hour is very late and we must wake up the people.” That night, the message was confirmed by 3 people: one who saw a dream of Rainier throwing rocks and mud into Enumclaw, one who saw a vision of a 60 foot wall of mud ripping through the Sumner/Auburn valley, and one who had an ominous foreboding in his spirit that “something terrible is about to happen, like the mountain is going to erupt.” None of these people had communicated with the others, they simply walked up to me out of the blue and expressed what they saw/felt in the spirit.

  2. Prophetess Dottie

    Last night (March 28, 2018) while in prayer– the Holy Spirit led me to look up “RESURRECTION SUNDAY EARTHQUAKE” on my IPad. I obeyed the VOICE OF THE LORD JESUS and typed in this subject. To my COMPLETE SURPRISE– there were numerous videos that had recorded a 7.2 MAGNITUDE EARTHQUAKE in Southern California on SUNDAY, APRIL 4, 2010!!

    I had no idea that this event had occurred almost 7 YEARS AGO!! We hadn’t heard about it in the news media during that time. And now I’m wondering WHY…JESUS HAD ME TO SEARCH FOR THIS INFORMATION during my prayer time??? Is this a WARNING concerning some MAJOR EVENT that could be happening during RESURRECTION SUNDAY; as it was about 7 years ago? I’ve also had a very foreboding and uncomfortable feeling ALL THIS WEEK—

    We’ve been seeking the Lord Jesus concerning this and would like to know WHAT IT MEANS?? We also realize that volcanic eruptions can trigger EARTHQUAKES as well– YELLOWSTONE is another DANGEROUS “hot spot” that the seismologists are monitoring on a regular basis. And prophesies have been given concerning this SUPER VOLCANO. But according to recent reports; the U.S. Government has BLOCKED (BLACKED OUT) most information regarding the YELLOWSTONE VOLCANO. It would be our strong opinion that there is something major occurring at that location—

    And surely, Jesus WILL manifest what is happening!! Let us be very prayerful and watchful. (Luke 18:1)

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