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US border on Canada’s side is bombed

Dec 19, 2019 6:06 AM

Iseaweaver here. So, I had received so many things as of late that I have been processing. I was told not to speak lest I be removed from the boundaries of the game or the event occurred. The event has yet to occur surprisingly that God might fulfill yet another gift I had asked of him.

Still I start with the dream I received on November 11th 2019.

It was a month just like November if looked upon on a calendar. The 11th was on a Monday and then the 15th was that Friday. On that Friday the US border on Canada’s side is bombed by a massive explosive device. While people will call this a nuke it’s not that effective. It will not turn off the power but it will be a nuke in the sense of an explosive compound weapon just lacking the aforementioned emp effect. By this time, I was in the middle of a convoy of people I was leading to a launch off point. To where I’m not sure. The line of vehicles was also beyond comprehension. We were telling the people the people around the convoy to come with us as we moved at a rough 15 mph. the land had a dark theme to it and though it was day the clouds were almost blackened by some form of ash. This people were also very safe and undeterred from going to its objective. Simple but to an effect a vision.

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  1. andy

    God spoke to me a few weeks ago and said “they” are going to set off a device on the border and now you are posting the same thing. Amazing. And HE used the word device too.

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