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Tsunami 🌊 and asteroid ☄️- Natalie R.


Tsunami 🌊 and asteroid ☄️

October 4, 2021 4:03 PM
Natalie R.

Hi, I’ve never posted on this site before because I didn’t feel like my dreams/visions were adequate enough but I’ve felt a tugging in my spirit to share. So I’m sharing out of this obedience but still worry that maybe this could all be something I saw because I had heard it before. Also, thank you so much for this website it’s one of my favorites.

On October 11, 2019 I was in prayer and had been speaking in tongues and during my prayer with my eyes closed I could see the color blue. (I felt like it was the Holy Spirit) after that I was given an image in my mind of an asteroid or bomb hitting the desert. (I knew it was in North America) and then I was shown a tsunami hitting New York and the east coast. And I heard the date November 6. I wasn’t given a year. Looking back at my little entry I put in my phone (I wish I gave more details) but all I know is that I wrote down that I wasn’t sure of the date of the tidal wave. So I’m assuming the November 6 date was more for the bomb or asteroid? I thought it would have happened last year, because of covid, but November 6 came rolling past. I’m unsure of when it will be, but just wanted to let others know.

Thank you, and may Yeshua bless you reading this message! -Natalie.


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