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Hillary & Trump Experience

Jun 20, 2019, 3:17 AM

I’ll dip into the vault. God has me burning here to bring up this experience. Back in the April of the year of the elections between Hillary and Donald Trump. Somewhere in their. I had an experience but its not quite a dream nor vision. I went to a house nearby my house across the street. Entering in I’m taken to some unknown space but I could feel it was hellish though well hidden. I walked down the only path a curved erpentine hallway of sorts and came upon Donald Trump shaking hands with a demon. Hillary was on the demons left and Trump on the right. I knew from the Holy Spirit I was in Lucifer presence. after this Trump simply stated something akin its going to be fun working with you. I was then addressed by my name and asked a simple question. It was an ultimatum immediately I could tell what was coming and sent a prayer out and waited for it to take effect. I then gathered as much inteligence I could gather without giving in to his offer. then I saw trump leave and Hillary stuck around though as the area began to become more hellish so too did Hillary transform into a Draconian demon. She knew I was up to something but I had my armor on and said Id fight her. Then two demons come in asking if there was any trouble. I then felt Gods grip on me and I was taken back to the Earth. This is just a taste of my encounters. My experiences are more active roles.

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  1. iseaweaver

    i would have to state that despite the qanon phenomenon trump has an interesting satanism to him that people are very blind to. god had let me know that qanon exists simply to reveal the issues with democrats and repulbicans. the terms dementocrats and repugnatins applies here. if people saw what is in this man theyd see how america has actually been doomed becuase of this election.

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