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Tokyo Giant Bomb – Todd

Tokyo Giant Bomb

F0ebruary 21 , 2021 7:13 AM


First off let me start by saying he usually claims never to have dreams he can ever remember much less ones that might be prophetic.
Also he has been a staunch Atheist as have most of his families.
Here it goes: He dreamt he was visiting Japan with his dad(a fellow unbeliever)
They were in Tokyo to be exact and news reports came in of a giant Bomb getting ready to drop on this very city.
He knew he had to warn the people to flee since they had only seconds to escape. His dad rushed for his car urging my husband to go with him and leave his car behind. My husband however felt it would be unwise to abandon his own car since its costs to replace would not be affordable for our family in the longterm. He never knew which vehicle he ended up choosing before the dream jumped ahead to the next day and the Newspaper headlines reported Tokyos great devastation with most of its people dead!

End of dream

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