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TO HIS 144,000, HIS BRIDE, HIS REMNANT⚘- Patti Young


Patti Young

The presence and the power of God has been on me so strong for the last two days. Today getting up to go to work I could hardly even stand because the power and presence of God is so strong. The Lord just spoke to me, he has showed me several things, but he spoke to me a word to give.

The Lord said ” I have marked those they are mine, these shall not suffer in the destruction for they have crucified their flesh and self no longer remains, it is I AM. I AM before all things and I AM after all things. Rejoice, I say rejoice, beloved lsrael, for you are mine, you who dwell in my heart and know of the secret things that are mine. The kingdom to come is mine and now it shall be thine my beloved for these are the things you shall inherit, for I have found these, my few, worthy to gain entrance into all that is mine. Come, come my beloved, come away and hide for the season, the hour of temptation and destruction is coming upon the land. Come hide under my wings of my covering my beloved for I AM your shelter, I AM your food I AM your living water and I AM your way. The things that are to occur you will not be amazed, you will not see as other see, you will know that these are of me, my judgments, these are done by my hand alone. Come, come now my beloved, come now my bride, those whom I have counted worthy to escape the fire that shall burn and bring down all the nations. Come, come away with me for a season. Those I have foreknowledge of, have called, I have sheltered, I have fed in the wilderness, these are my jewels that I shall keep in my crown for all the eternity. Do not say into yourself I am not worthy, for I have highly esteemed you and set you up high and you are my prize, my beloved. Well done, well done my good and faithful servant for your just reward is with me

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