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September 22, 2022 4:50 PM
Translated from Korean

I had a dream

I fell asleep while watching TV

(The person next to you who warned you before that time had gone out somewhere)

I had to repent before 3 o’clock (?) There was a time limit

After that time, life and death were divided according to the accumulated sins. The consequences of sin appeared.

I was still alive after that time, but there was an emergency and I had to repent before that time.

After waking up, the person next to me was still alive, but I hurriedly went somewhere to repent.

After that, I tried to drink tap water, but the amount of water decreased and the color of the water changed to yellow.

In another dream, an evil spirit lives well and pretends to be a good Hanshin (?) to her rich man

I pretended to be an evil (?) god to the poor and needy

Anyway, they pretended to be rookies to deceive me

So I called Jehovah God and said he would approve if we met, but they all ran away.

Someone was looking at a pretty girl (?)

Someone came from another room.

Someone appeared on the TV (in the screen), the three beings were the same

I was going to sit down with someone to eat meat, but they said not to eat meat, so I ate something else.

Again, the evil spirit did not give up and tried to deceive me to pretend to be God.

They all ran away once in the middle, but I did not give up and tried to deceive very persistently.


내가 꿈을 꿨는데

나는 TV를 보다가 졸다가 잠들었습니다 잠들었다가 깨어났는데 난리가 났습니다

(옆에서 그시간전까지 경고해주던 사람은 어딘가 밖에 나가고 없었습니다)

3시(?)를 넘기기 전까지 회개를 해야했습니다 시간제한이 있었습니다

그 시간 이후에는 쌓인 죄에 따라 생사가 갈렸습니다 죄의 결과가 나타났습니다

나는 그 시간 지나서도 살아있었는데 하여튼 비상이 걸려서 그 시간전까지 회개해야 했고

잠에서 깬후에 내 옆에 있던 사람도 살아있었는데 회개하러 급히 어딘가로 갔습니다

그후에 내가 수돗물 먹을려고 했는데 물양이 줄어들고 물색깔도 노란색으로 바꼈습니다

또 다른 꿈에서 악한영이 잘살고 부자인 사람한테는 선한신(?)인척 하고

가난하고 못사는 사람한테는 악한(?)신인척 했습니다

하연튼 나를 속일려고 자기들이 신인척했습니다

그래서 내가 여호와하나님 불러서 맞짱뜨면 인정해준다고 했더니 다 도망갔습니다

어떤 사람이 이쁜여자(?)보고 있었고

또 다른방안에서 누군가 나왔고

TV안에서(스크린안에서)도 누군가 나왔습니다 세존재가 같은 존재였습니다

내가 누군가랑 앉아서 고기 먹을려고 했는데 고기 먹지말래서 다른거 먹었습니다

또 다시 악한영이 포기하지않고 자꾸 하나님인척 할려고 날 속일려고 했습니다

중간에 한번 다 도망가더니 포기하지 않고 참 끈질기게 속일려고 했습니다

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