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Three Dreams

mystery of the term mirqueman

Sep 9, 2019, 11:55 AM

It will be difficult here, a great task. I had been thinking Saturday night of some things. I went and looked at some old dreams and a certain training free period was remembered. In this dream I had a free period to train as I saw fit. I was in some place and thought to test a certain timing. I was in an area with many enemy soldiers. I began my test and noticed something strange about myself. I then used my ability and looked at myself from a bird’s eye view and saw my body was not normal. Coated in golden metals and not the same as before. This was strange. I cannot remember what brought the next part up but I was seen by soldiers and they either asked what I was or I asked them what was going on. The confusion is both could have happened given my dreams tend to repeat when god wants me to understand something. The term of the form I was in was stated by me or they as mirqueman. Some word I never understood. That was roughly 3 years ago but I remember it not so well now.

Then I at that thought remembered the other dream I had 4 weeks prior. To this month the 9th month of 2019. It was almost my birthday maybe the very 9th of august when I had a dream of some other things. I had fallen asleep in a true state and was given a peculiar dream. I had this dream also on repeat. I remember at first being in a building and then escaping with many people. We were on the 80th floor of a skyscraper. We left to see the destroyed buildings post collapse of the wars to come. The resisting efforts of the group I was with had sought me out for my ability and potential. They knew the old ones whom they fought were looking for something. Something about Babylonians made sense here being the old ones. Still despite our efforts I was eventually tricked by someone and taken to a pyramid building over the water near New York. Something that is not their now but might be. Then I was taken into the sky and I knew the resistance was nearby as if they tracked me also. Then a machine of living metal appeared in the sky atop the pyramids tip. I then was hit and about to fall off this platform till I realized something else. I was then skewered severely by the living metal in a rather grotesque matter as I was being exploited. Then the living matter put me body atop the pyramid making some form of metallic pool. The man who hit me then began to draw a power from the metallic pool’s powers therein. The idea of the philosopher’s stone comes up here. Then the man draws this power into himself but as he was completing the ritual he was attacked by all sides by the resistance. He having killed his own men in the area fought with a strange power. His death surprised him however. I was set free and then taken to point to recover.

Then I about a year later in the dream the enemy forces gathered together a greater army and I was again tricked and went alone to a new location. Atlantis comes to mind here. I was then injected with something and transformed into a massive beast and thus skewered again. This time the man however died when he was turned to a golden metal shimmering with a strange energy. The warping of my form seemed to have broken whatever power they were understanding. Then another year and a half pass and I am fighting leading a battalion of warriors against an army of the enemy forces when these alien ships come from the sky and the day turns to a moonlit yet darkened dusk. I then was attacked from my back and was changed into the massive beast again. Then the alien ships moved a massive frame of living metal which grabbed me and began again to skewer me. This time the pool of metals was incomplete but then I felt the metal pierce my heart and flow the blood into the pool. The man who led the enemy army this time had his forces totally suppress the resistance. I tried to move as I was in grave pain but couldn’t move. Bones and muscles locked in a perfect sign I don’t know much of. Then the man walked to the pool of metals that formed and drew its powers well becoming a black gold god of sorts. His power was intense and massive. Nothing seemed to defeat him. But I was by then realizing he was taking this power from me. I then focused and I began to define the true lord and god and his powers weakened and he was subsequently defeated therein. That was a hard dream. now back to Saturday the 7th of September. I was thinking well into the morning therein as I am a night owl of sorts and I had tried to discover what mirqueman even meant. It doesn’t end here.

I then went to sleep at noon on the 8th a Sunday. I was then given a strange dream and then I asked the lord why was I given this dream. I know now it was to focus me for what happened next. I was awake and prayed to see forgiveness for the dream was full of sins. Still I was okay and I prayed and asked to be forgiven for what I had seen was crazy enough. I then prayed and after a time I fell asleep with the thoughts remember my service. This dream was not quite what I expected. Another one on repeat. This received this morning was another clue to the idea of the term mirqueman. Still it was different. I start off in a place near the border wounded from the knight takes bishop scenario. I had not been able to warp home and mid warp passed out almost entirely on the lawn of a Christian home riverside near the Canadian border. Then the family took me thinking something strange of a person wearing the armor of god in their yard. Even more confusing was they were told who I was and who my family was. Then I woke up in their child’s room and I was taking in my surroundings. The little girl was on an old windows 95 pc. The fact I was here meant something. I didn’t eat but I got up and looked outside and It was still okay. The trees therein were still fine and the world was okay. I was no longer weakened from the injuries. my body had finally purged the illness I currently have. The patent noted the illness is living bacteria with biotechnical abilities and the power to change from a bacteria to a parasite or virus. Its effects are a constant fever and its incurable by natural means. Its effects are to constantly irritate the immune system. In the dream I knew I had the knight takes bishop scenario as it was the covenanted point at which I would accept healing. The people had contacted my parents after the angel had told them of my family. I was lucky they lived nearby. They came wondering where I had been. They were astonished for reasons I can understand but they didn’t ask many questions. The family had spoken of things well enough. I then told them my parents we had to move. I knew thee flood would come soon after. I told my father to warn the people since he knew almost everyone in the area his warning and my changes made things believable to all that heard. Still some were informing the less desirable elements of the area to form a mob. This mob was paid for by the elite’s local influences. I took my dad out of the situation before it got too bad. Meanwhile I was discussing the state of things with the families nearby and any who would hear. We then all gathered together beforehand into a camper and as a caravan of fleeing families we moved north, another significant point. We moved to a place I was seeing in visions a place which would support life after the flood. On our way there I was pointing out the world’s flaws and the people behind them. I had won a lottery during one of our stops to this land. Why is due to a certain requirement of the lords works I had to make happen. We then gathered the needed resources and moved forward till we hit a great building selling renewable power systems. I knew the place we were heading needed some power. Still by now this should be evident the dream is metaphorical and not literal, Well mostly. Then we stopped and watched the flooding waves crash in as the tsunami was coming in. a great cruise liner was nearby but the lord had noted it would fall onto the land and destroy much. We moved to the other direction which still had the sun shining in it. We gathered people as we went and moved as one to the land. Still the dream ended before we got there. I was then shown visions of who we had prepared in the time needed and we sought a high place and once the water dried up, we made the land a place of refuge for the many who needed it. Despite the concerns the survivors were safe there. Still somehow it was standing even in the 900th year of the millennial reign. Then it went to repeat.

I still can’t say much about what happens in the scenario for I was evident and came up in the dream. People asked why it happened. And I had been filled with the holy spirit and said for the world would not believe it unless it happened first. And then after a pause everyone understood what that meant. Still I cannot say much else save for these three dreams have something in common. I would normally say that anyone could interpret this dream but they will not be able to for the knowledge is incomplete on purpose. The lord has me also tab the fact that none should interpret unless they can figure out what mirqueman even is. in the dreams from 3 years ago mirqueman was a word that the lord replaced my understanding with to say to the enemy soldiers as if to confound the situation. Also, the internet is surprisingly useless in this pursuit one because the lord said that the enemy is using ai intelligence to block the sites that might have any answers. So, I was led that only a man/woman of god could decipher this riddle. One who might understand research into language as far as I can understand. Maybe one who understands tongues. Might seem weird that I’m even here but despite everything I have been fasting only having consumed manna since this dream was over. Yea I had coffee but I consider drinks different. Still hoping to find answers as this is a powerful discovery to have once it is made. It will put pieces into place. Also, I can understand people might wonder about why I am not allowing my illness to be healed. But I had told the lord that if I stand eternal then so to would the status of things go unchanged. By defining it to him he had allowed this to be. I cannot say more. The computer is giving me a really hard time and I cannot use anything but this word document at the moment. I decided to nuke the internet line again so ill get this up when I can.

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  1. Cynthia Eddleton

    I think mirqueman may be like murky man, something like what is called a shape shifter, only in the Lord’s army. The enemy has a “knock off” version of what the Lord creates. Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Donaldson

    sounds like you are part of the 144K getting training. Amen

  3. Shannon

    This is where I was lead:

    Strong’s #4842: mirqachath (pronounced meer-kakh’-ath)

    from 7543; an aromatic unguent; also an unguent-pot:–prepared by the apothecaries’ art, compound, ointment.

    1) ointment, mixture of ointment

    Part of Speech: noun feminine Relation: from H7543

    This word is used 3 times:

    Exodus 30:25: “of holy ointment, an ointment compound after the art of the apothecary: it shall be a holy”

  4. Pamela Bowman

    Could marque man be symbolic for the watchmen who are warning of what is coming. The signs and warnings are so bold that a person would have to purposely ignore them or be blind.

    The enemy wants to steal our energy and life force because he has lost his. The North can be referring to Mount Zion and a safe place for those who get raptured. But there are going to be safe places for those who do not get taken in the rapture if they stay with other Christians and do not try to survive alone. The people who are here during the tribulation will need the supernatural help of those who have been transformed and can bring them food and provisions.

  5. Glenda Thornton

    I googled it and using a translator got: Mir = revolutionary, left movement and queman = burn

  6. Glenn Geary, Jr.

    Spanish ——–> English
    mir queman they burn

    from google translate

  7. mem

    Glenn Geary Jr – WOW!! You are totally right. I got a shiver down my spine when I read that translation

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