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They are playing different roles, but all for the same goal – Ruth Smith

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They are playing different roles, but all for the same goal

November 9, 2020 4:01 AM
Ruth Smith

11-7-20 Saturday

After watching a video titled: “Trump has exposed the secrets of this country!”

(——speaking in English with Chinese subtitle)

In my spirit, I was deeply feeling that they (Trump and Biden) are just playing red face and another playing white face (Chinese term, red face represents faithful and brave, a good guy; white face represents treacherous, a bad guy), one is playing good cop, another is playing bad cop, but actually they work together.

So I prayed and asked God about it, I heard:

“what you are feeling is correct, they are playing different roles, but all for the same goal.

I’m using Trump to do what I want, he is My only choice between him and Biden.

All you are seeing now are not as they appear.”

At night, I watched a video titled: “Two Assassinations & A New Throne (”

I prayed and asked God for the information in this video that if it is from HIM, this was what I heard:

“Yes, it is from Me. I alone, the Lord of hosts, who created heavens and earth, Am the only Sovereign over all things. There is no other god beside me. Without My consent and permission, nothing can happen.

Trump will be re-elected, but he will be removed soon, Obama will return to the stage to start the final three and half years.

Biden will be taken out also, Biden is just a puppet of Obama. In fact, behind Trump and Biden, Obama is controlling everything.

They work together, whatever Trump and Biden are doing right now, actually is to stir up riots, violence and civil unrest, this is what they want.

Trump is simply doing whatever his master tells him to do, provoke people to fight for him, to bring about massive chaos, riots, civil unrest and divisions, to usher in the New World Order, to make the son of perdition sits on the throne, and to bring utter destruction to the United States.

They are carrying the banner of righteousness, but actually there is nothing about righteousness in it, many many of my children are deceived and deluded by Trump.

My children think Trump is for Israel, but look what he has done to Israel, he is making a way for Obama, the anti-christ, so that the son of perdition could sit in a man-made temple and call himself god, so that he could sign a peace treaty to divide My holy land.

I grief for America, she is about to fall, just in one hour.

But I have the Remnant, I shall rise them up to bring in a great spiritual revival in America while the judgements fall upon her, bring many many souls to enter into My kingdom.

Rejoice, My children, the day of your redemption draws nigh!

I confess that Jesus of Nazareth came in the flesh.

I love you with an everlasting love,

Your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ”

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, please take this to King of the kings, Lord of the lords, the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer for the confirmation.

God bless each and every one of you!

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