There is no much time left, the gate is about to close – Ruth Smith


There is no much time left, the gate is about to close

October 4, 2020 11:54 PM
Ruth Smith
Translated from original Chinese

10-2-2020, Monday

While I was praying in tongues this morning, I became very grief-stricken, and started to cry, then I received these following words.

This is a crooked and perverse generation, I have raised up so many prophets, servants, watchmen, and messengers to cry and warn, that I even raised up little children to cry and warn, but how many has listened, how many has repented?

My daughter, this world is going to pass away very soon, the day of My return is at hand, but how many has already prepared? This world is about to change upside and down so soon, everything that you see with your own eyes right now will be no more.

My daughter, do not stop praying for the lost souls, I love you, I love them too. I want all to be saved, none will perish. I wish everyone, everyone who I created to come to Me, to enjoy all I have prepared for them.

My heart is grieving for these souls, how I wish they would come back to Me! I Am warning, warning, warning, but no one listen!

Warning will be ceased very soon, the judgements has begun, I do not want to see man I created to suffer all these, but in order to wake them up, in order to pull them back from the road leads to the pit of Hell, I must do this.

I Am a Righteous God, I Am a Holy God, no man can see Me without holiness; but I Am also a Loving God, return, My children, I Am waiting with open arms for you to come back into My arms.

There is no much time left, the gate is about to close, come to Me while there still has time, come, My children, come quickly, do not delay, tomorrow may not belong to you.

I love you, My children, with an everlasting love,

Your Abba, Heavenly Father

Original Chinese Version: https://repentbeholy.com/11533.html

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