THE VAPOR – Byron Searle

James 4:14
14 Whereas he know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeared for a little time, and then vanisheth away.
My son, I have said that the life you have on Earth is but a vapor, a wisp of time compared to eternity. Many people think this life is all there is – that I am a myth. They say when you die, that’s all she wrote, but I say life is just beginning when you die. I have created you as spirit beings inhabiting a flesh body. When the flesh dies, your spirit lives on for eternity. There are two places to spend eternity – either with Me in heaven or away from Me in hell. The choice is given to every person on Earth – with Me through My son or against Me through the flesh.
My son, that is why I say to everybody, Repent! for no one knows when they will die, only I do. I know the day you are born and the day you will die before I formed you in the womb. I know every thought, every action, everything you will ever say, do, or think. I know your heart and see deep into you. I know if you will serve me or serve the flesh. That is why I say, Repent! Turn to Me with all your heart because I love you so.
My son, life is but a vapor, and My Body had better wake up and realize that, lest they be overtaken by the judgments coming upon this land. The mourning will be great in this land, and many will not see it coming. Many have decided to turn away from the truth and follow error – they will perish. It is time now to pray for protection from the storms that will come into everyone’s lives. The sadness and mourning that one feels when someone young dies unexpectedly is heavy and unbearable, but that will be nothing compared to what is about to be unleashed on the world.
Tick-Tock, the clock is winding down, and the end-time judgments are about to go into full speed. Tick-Tock, time is out.! Reach as many lost as you can, share My Word to a lost world and asleep Church! YELL, REPENT!!! REPENT NOW!!! SEEK ME!!!
My son, the vapor is but a microsecond on the timeline of life. I love all My creation, I love you.
The Father

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