The Thanksgiving Dream – Vicki Goforth Parnell

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The Thanksgiving Dream

November 3, 2022
Vicki Goforth Parnell

10-31-22@ 12:58am & 5:55am and Journaled @9:18am


Lord Jesus I now feel led by Holy Spirit, my dearest friend to write out the dream I had twice last night. The first time was at 12:58am this morning and then again at 5:55am. I woke again with it vividly displayed in my memory. I have waited until praying and laying it before you once again sweet Jesus because of the content and it is a direct answer to the questions I have been seeking about having a Thanksgiving dinner for over 2 ½ weeks.

Now Father God in Jesus’ name let me write not one word that’s not from you. This is my dream from you, my love. Lead me Holy Spirit. It began with me observing a World War Two bomber plane but it’s flying straight upward high in the sky. Why it’s flying straight up instead of flying through the air like normally a plane does I’m not sure? Then suddenly I hear a voice from heaven’s say, “This is still to come.”

Then the scene changed.

Next scene

I am out shopping looking for a Turkey for Thanksgiving Day dinner. I have gone from store to
store and still no turkeys are to be found. “What am I to do?” I hear myself ask. I’m walking
through another big store and walk up to the frozen cooler areas where the turkeys normally will be stored at. It’s empty! They’re all empty!
There above the coolers is a large picture hanging down from the ceiling by white ropes. On this picture is a cooked Turkey on a platter with a cartoon person holding a knife in his left hand and a fork in the other. He is showing from his head to his chest only. Across the picture is a huge X over the cooked Turkey and the person.
I hear a voice from heaven’s say. “Thanksgiving Day dinner has been canceled!”

Then the scene changes again.

Next Scene

I am in my apartment speaking to someone by phone. I’m not sure who is on the other end. I hear myself ask, “well, when can you come for Thanksgiving dinner? What is the day you can give
me that you can safely say your schedule will not interfere with you coming for dinner since
we’re not able to have it on Thanksgiving Day?”
I know the person is answering. I paused to listen then wrote on a piece of paper laying on the
table in front of me, “Not after the 14th of November or they won’t be able to make it.” I turn to my wall calendar behind me and place an X on the 14th of November. I say, “Got it. We can
safely plan for our dinner if it’s before the 14th if we want to have this last Thanksgiving dinner
before we all depart on our grand journey together.”

Then the scene changed again.

Next scene

I’m sitting in the living room area of my apartment with family and friends. We had just celebrated our Thanksgiving dinner together in which we were thanking God for the delicious meal where instead of a Turkey we had a delicious ham with many other foods.

There is an old timey box TV. A large one built inside of a wood cabinet like they used to be
built in. The TV is on which is very strange because I don’t watch TV much, if any preferring to
watch preaching, teaching or gospel music.
There is a man that looks like Richard Nixon sitting in front of a desk holding a sheet of white
paper that he begins reading off of. He says these words “Snow is expected to fall heavily
everywhere upon our great nation. Dirty snow in abundance by Thanksgiving Day.”

I hear my daughter say, “Oh, we must leave before the snow hits.” Then she asked, “Mom when
are our tickets for? What days?” I hear myself reply. “All who are going can leave at any time
but they’re only available for those who made the reservations in advance for the journey, but I
did specify with the Ticketmaster we wanted to leave as soon as possible after we had our Thanksgiving dinner together.”

I hear my son say, “Mom I changed my mind. Can me and my kids come?” “Son,” I replied,
“You know I think there’s still time since it’s not Thanksgiving Day yet. Are you sure you want
me to contact the Ticketmaster? I have already told him when I have been talking to him that I
want you and my grandkids to come. He said he would hold three positions open for you. All
you had to do is accept them, his tickets, and you could come. “Then yes mom,” he said. “We
want to come.” Cheers erupted in the room as the joy of having our family go on this journey
together filled our hearts.

Then the scene changed again.

Next scene

We are on the plane, both family and friends, and it’s about to take off. We are filled with
happiness and joy. There is a man in a blue uniform that is standing in front making an announcement. His captain’s hat has gold trim and there’s gold trim and gold buttons on his royal blue uniform.
His shoes are shiny black, and his shirt is crisp white. He needs no microphone or speaking
device and his voice is heard by all like the sound of rushing waters. “This is your captain speaking. You are on a one-way flight to heaven. You need nothing but yourselves. Enjoy the comfort and peace of my rapture express! Then suddenly his eyes begin turning into flaming fire and he says,

“Let’s go my bride! Let’s go home!”

Shouts go up as he walks into the cockpit, and we begin our ascent into the air. I looked outside
the window for a moment. “Snow!” I see snow starting to fall, but it’s dirty. Then the scene changes again.

Next Scene

I am an observer, and I see the dirty snow has covered our nation. This snow has a deadly effect
on our land. I find myself looking up and I see the lone bomber from the beginning of this dream. But now it has begun turning and is heading back down. Straight down but he’s not
alone. There is a fleet of them.

Next my eyes began looking as my vision expanded to the waters around our nation of America. I see ships, boats, submarines, and drones. All types of variety, shapes and different flags on top of some of them. It is a massive army from the waters and the skies.

I hear the voice from Heaven again say.

Now, now is the time for this! Then I awoke.
I have spent many hours seeking, fasting, praying and asking you my love about these things and this dream given to me twice in one night has confirmed many things you have been telling me.
Now Lord how do I proceed? I’m at peace and felt no check in my spirit with this dream.


1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, Matthew 24:27, Mark 13:32-37, Matthew 7:7-8, Hosea 12:10

Bullet Points

Remember this is a dream so pray about it and line it up with the Holy Word of God and ask Holy Spirit to speak the truth of this dream to you.

This dream was an answer to my personal prayers where I was seeking God if I would be able to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family and friends.
The lone WW2 bomber plane is the same I have seen from other dreams and is Russian. I know this from researching it from prior dreams.

I had the sense and feel that there’s more I wasn’t aware of in this dream that was going to happen in between the 14th and 24th of November.
The wording where I asked in the dream about “safely” having Thanksgiving dinner stuck out to me so that I feel if I wait until after the 14th, there may be a reason that we won’t be able to have it or it may pertain to only me and my Thanksgiving Dinner since it was a direct answer to my prayers.
I was obedient and had our dinner prior to Thanksgiving Day. This was evident by the ham instead of the turkey being served. It was also evident when we were talking about the journey being before Thanksgiving Day.

The shortage of turkeys also can represent the food shortages we are already experiencing.
Richard Nixon turns out to have heavily endorsed nuclear energy and he was heavy into nuclear power and threatened several times to use it in varies situations during his presidential administration.

Nixon opened up diplomatic relations with China. Prior to that we refused to recognize them as a nation and would have no dealings with them whatsoever. Comedians would joke that if you sent a letter to China, it would come back as no such country.

Dirty snow is symbolic of nuclear fallout. Symbolic of the term nuclear winter.

The journey we were preparing for was symbolic for rapture.

There’s still time to get saved and be able to go in the rapture. The pre-made reservations are symbolic of this fact I feel.Jesus was the Ticketmaster in this dream I feel.Jesus is the captain of the plane called the Rapture Express that is heaven bound.

The dirty snow began falling after we had already departed.

The bomber fleet came shortly after the dirty snow and was of different types. So did the vessels in the water. Both are also, symbolic I feel of the soon coming invasion of America.

The massive armies in the waters are also part of the invasion made up also of many nationalities.

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