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The Song of Revelation – Translated by Ruth Smith


The Song of Revelation

7-29-20, a dream was given to a brother from Chongqing, China,

Translated by Ruth Smith.
Originally in Chinese

The dream started like this:

I walked into grandpa’s house. My grandpa has past away many years, and he was a very faithful atheist, but there were many Christians gathered in his house in this dream.

Christians gathered together, sharing witnesses, the content of testimonies were talking about how did these missionaries set up churches and meeting places around the world.

A map of the world hung on the wall, showing the locations of churches and the paths of missionaries around the world, there are churches everywhere except Antarctica.

Everyone had a book of songs in their hands, and so did I. The songs we sang were songs of praise to the Lord Jesus, but the songs we sang were not in the book.

When I opened the book of songs, I found that the writing was vertical, which was the way letters were written in the Republic of China era:

The first page was the title of the entire book of songs: The Song of Revelation.

The picture on the second page was gloomy, with large red letters written across the bottom:”you must avoid the dragon banner and fetus”(dragon’s banner symbolizes Satan’s army, the dragon fetus represents Satan as the devil incarnated, appeared on earth as an antichrist, and began to war against the saints and to overcome them)

dragon banner” and “dragon fetus“, these two words were written particularly big! Red letters were printed on moire white paper.

Then I was brought into a vision:

That picture was the scene of Satan was drove away from the heavens, to be thrown down to the earth.

That scene was so real, it was almost like a science fiction movie, and my heart was so tense that I couldn’t stand it.

I saw a big modern city, over which hung a huge artificial ring.

Satan is a great red dragon, but his crown has been taken away and his horns have been pulled out. He was straight falling down with his head was down and his tail was up.

I saw Satan just fell into the ring, his long tail caught some of the stars in the sky and pulled them down with it together.

It fell in the middle of the ring and stopped falling, at this point, Satan quickly became a giant embryo.

When viewed from the bottom up, it is like an “all-seeing eye”, after the red dragon becomes a fetus, the ring appears to have eyes and began to react.

The ring began to release energy and nanometer dust, forming an artificial womb inside of the ring that wraps the dragon fetus, but outside of the ring, the spacecraft of devil fish shaped was gradually formed until it was fully formed, forehead of the spaceship was a huge red eye, was the mothership of the devil army.

Then there was a long dragon’s tail came out of the end of the spaceship. When the dragon’s tail streaked towards the sky, many stars fell down from the sky.

These stars fell to the earth and became crocodiles in human form, people on the ground fled in all directions when they saw what happened.

The dragon was all covered with bumps, the body turned red, the teeth were sharp and it was very brutal and ferocious.

Especially when his tail sweeped a third of his followers to the ground, those followers turned into demons and evil spirits, roaming on the earth and harming people everywhere.

The dragon looked like a knobbly crocodile that could walk upright, with back wings like those of a bat.

But those who belong to God were protected by holy angels.

The guardian angels of the saints look like this: They wear white uniforms and blue helmets (composite texture),holding white weapons (metallic ones shaped like a covered dustpan), they are surrounded by the glory of God.

One of the saints had two holy angels to protect him, when evil spirits attacked him, the holy angel spreads out his wings just like the angel of the Mercy Seat to cover the top of this saint’s head, forming a shield against the attack of evil spirits.

The holy angels fired at evil spirits with a weapon that shoots white beams of light, the weapon was like a box, it was closed when not in use, when it was need to be used, the angel pulled on the lifting ring, and the weapon was opened, and a white beam of light came out of the box, evil spirits were hit by it, then they lost their energy in an instant and fell to the ground as if they were dead.

But, on the earth, the holy angels fought against the evil spirits to protect the saints, in the face of a tidal wave of evil spirits, the angels warred and retreated.

Therefore, the holy angels urged believers to move to a safe place to avoid being snared by Satan.

In another place, there were two holy angels who wanted to help a saint, they saw that there were too many demons, so they gathered around the saint and spread their wings to protect his head.

The holy angels closed their eyes and prayed, and white light appeared, wrapped them up, and then disappeared, the saint was supposedly sent to the safety. but where the safe place is, I don’t know.

Some of the saints were bound and brought to the dragon, the dragon asked them if they would worship him? If they do, he would let them to have the fruit of good and evil; if they don’t, he would just slay them.

I saw that saint didn’t worship him, the dragon got angry, gouge out his heart and then ate it.

I also saw the dragon was speaking to his servants: cut off the feet of the saints, and take some that are alive, and I will eat those who are still alive.

The servants did his bid, I was scared to wake up.

Original Chinese version: https://repentbeholy.com/10440.html

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