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The snare has been laid – Byron Searle

By Byron Searle

The snare has been laid
Jer. 50:21-32

My son, the snare has been laid and this nation will stumble pridefully into it. The church is not even aware of the trap, for they are too focused on receiving blessings. This snare has been set because you, My beloved church, have strived for it. I have opened up My armoury and have brought forth My weapons of indignation for this time, saith the Lord.
My son, I will send forth from the utmost north a nation that will take everything by force, nothing will be left standing. Your young men will fall in the streets, and your women will be ravaged. All the men of war will be cut off, and a great wail will go up from a nation once proud and strong. Behold, I am against you who thought you could be great again; never again will those words be heard. Hear me now saith the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, this nation will fall in one hour, and the Bear will devour it’s prey.
This nation has stumbled and fallen, and none will help pick it up. Because of the arrogance and pride of America, the world will cheer at her defeat. War is coming, My people. You should be preparing, you should be hearing my true watchmen, but you do not see for you are blind. You do not hear the warnings because you are deaf. You do not prepare for anything because you are dumb. So many of My Children will perish because they were too prideful to believe that I still use watchmen and prophets to warn My body.FOOLS!!! Repent and seek Me with all you have, or you will be just as dung on the ground.
My son, this woord is hard because I am coming soon, and only My faithful remnant are ready. Coming very soon, this nation will be shaken to it’s very core. Many will fall and hell will be enlarged. Time is now! get your house in order, get your heart in order, for I am coming soon, get ready.
I love you My beloved remnant, stay in My Word.
Messiah Jesus

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