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the mark of the beast – Iseaweaver

Public Domain
William Blake, 1805
The number of the beast is 666
Philadelphia, Rosenbach Museum and Library

the mark of the beast

July 22, 2020 6:10 PM

Revelations is to me a very out of order series of events. Given they are prophecy that dan be very easy therein. Many can see the future out of order therein.

Revelations 13 is the dragon descended to earth i.e. Lucifer. The beast therein. But he has two beings on earth who have pieces of him that walk here on earth.
The second beast is a religious figure. Reminds me of a pope. The beast however has a human body to use as well. The antichrist is talked moreso of in the gospels of Jesus Christ. A man who comes to claim to be Christ. Any that do so aren’t a Christ and never could be. A Christ cannot claim the title.
One Christ in Jesus Christ.
But the antichrist being Satan is an opposing argument where instead of one antichrist Jesus himself said many will come. More than 4.

The antichrist is the base model for what a beast like man is. Hitler-Esque figures.

We all as a people know hitler was a bad guy yet we don’t seem to remember why that is. Totalitarian, dictator, genocidal.

Totalitarian system is one where the government is all the power and requires no input and no need for freedom of individuals.
Dictator a single ruler with total control of a country.
Genocide. The erasure of a species, the killing off of a race of man.
Many humans bear the last quality. Racism breeds genocides. Equality is what matters but when only one thing matters it is in of itself a racial action. Equality means nothing is a minority.
Still trump is not a genocidal person nor a dictator. More like the scapegoat offered at Passover a Jewish tradition people should learn about. He is at least attempting to mend the inherited power he had, cleaning up messes dating back century of government rulings had created.
The antichrist never would fix the problems he creates. Only say he will by making those bad things seem better and worsening things ever farther.
Did hitler make the world better by erasing the Jews. No he didn’t. He failed that task as though it was a mock exam.
The antichrist of the end times will kill all humans. Hmm a game is being rereleased called destroy all humans.
A game where an alien is on earth to take over the earth. The main character being an alien, and humans to fight back splice into them alien genes to create super soldiers.
So many bad ideas there. Humans don’t realize what happened into Israel. If they did they read their bible. Israel is scattered to the four corners of the earth, Leaving Judah to be what remained in Israel.
Israel left its seed in all other races Jew and gentile. Almost like it was meant to be that way. The antichrists race is a singular demonic only race. But all other races are gods children.
So where to go now. Let’s look at modern technology next. The ability to use electrical impulses to control muscles. Perfected. The ability to control a robotic arm via plugging in the robotic limb sensing nerve impulses. Publicized.
Lobotomy. Look that up. Superman used this. Superman vs the elites, psychic man gets X-ray shot in his eyeball. Damages his brain so he’s no longer psychic. Darker superman subdued an impossible to kill creature with this.
Lobotomy a surgical operation to make an incision in the prefrontal lobe of the brain used to treat mental illness.
Prefrontal lobe the action center of the brain. Synthesizes reactions both emotional and physical. Controls these functions. Controls how you feel or move.
Okay so what does any of this mean.
Technology has a way of interfering with the nervous system if it mimics the same electrical impulse. This exists. Public knowledge. The best of cybernetic limbs nowadays uses this to allow a robotic limb to operate via the thought of a person.
Now why do people say the mark is a chip.
Hmm. Leviticus allow no marks or piercings upon the body. No earrings, no piercings whatsoever. It’s a sin. Tattoos are thousands of tiny pricks. Also sins. Sin each.
Tattoos are also blood pacts. You must as a culture have realized the whole idea that a tattoo becomes a part of you. Getting a tattoo means to become one with that image therein.
Maybe it’s rattling on your brain where I’m going here.
The mark is something in your right hand or implanted into your head to become a part of or one with the beast. The dragon lucifer. The mark of the beast makes you a demon.
Demons are unable to be saved by Jesus Christ. The only thing he cannot do. No demon can be forgiven ever. They blasphemed the Holy Spirit. A sin that Jesus Christs sacrifice was noted to not save against. The Christ can only judge the blasphemy.
Since the mark of the beast is a sin it’s a lethal sin. The mark could be a chip or piercing or tattoo but it’s still a pact. People sign documents to get vaccines. Can be a verbal agreement also. Such can be contracts and pacts therein.
The mark however is all the evil of the above topics.
A piercing that is technology, they used nerve impulses to control the body on its own and lobotomizes the person so they cannot make a decision of their own volition. Enslaved permanently. Even if it’s removed surgically there are things that remain. The brain is stuck in a state of indecisiveness. Still wired in and ready to receive control signals therein.
5g is so this mark can be used. It’s the penetrating bandwidth heavy signal needed to control a human body. Take the mark and you are no longer able to choose what you do or even what you are.
Now the mark is actually any technology implanted in the brain or right hand. The man who made the mark noted the only parts of the body to syphon excess power to empower the chip is the meaty center between the right thumb and index finger or in the brain behind the eye.
That being said this chip exists. It is currently used also as a credit card, inside the card or in the hand of people who aren’t a human anymore. It’s also used to start a car or unlock your door on your house.
That is what is true on the matter. What is published work.
I can take it further. The mark was said to be made of nanites. The design was to form a chip that works. The nanites are the bed that makes this chip.
The chip is once injected slowly disassembled inside your body. It becomes a necessity for your body to have this technology inside your body or you die. If it’s off your dead.
I killed a man who was marked with a tesla ball. Straight fall and dead. Fails to function.
The nanites embed metal into your nervous system to generate a control receiver so external signals of 4 or 5g
Can control your nervous system. All nanites have micro laser technology so they can shoot your brain to reconfigure the way you act think and believe.
Light based technology that rewrites atoms. This is black sector stuff that became a trial run. Demonic technology but sure was useful. This can heal broken bones reattach limbs and such. Remarkable ability to create biological or mechanical matter to restore a body therein. Demons are technology and organic. The term android applies. Technorganic. The mixing of iron and clay, the final kingdom of man according to the king of Babylons dream that the prophet Daniel had interpreted.
Almost lost the internet then shackled the demons controlling the ai. They aren’t coming back.
The nanites can tear apart atomic structure and reorganize chromosomes. Crisper works this way. It’s why the mark is also gene therapy or splicing.
This is all because demons need this tech to maintain their bodies. The needed upkeep or regenerative effort therein. The brain is essentially the main computer. The demons cannot exist without this.
Any creature that cannot maintain itself naturally will die unnatural deaths. This mark offers incredible powers and abilities. You won’t be allowed to have any pleasure from any of its effects. It’s eternal damnation.
The mark will be that which makes you immortal and yet god will say to your immortal form here is unimaginable torture that you cannot die from.
It’s so much to understand. It’s a sad thing. Mankind sees the cool factor of technology and genetic tampering, they don’t realize nor remember how my ultra was tried for some reason. Work or fail it was attempted to generate a form of mind control. Even if it failed did technology.
Genetic therapy is a big problem. I am a massive victim of this. So much so I have even though eluded to it I don’t get explicit.
The body I have left is unstable. It’s genetic structure is incapable of handling its own formation. If I wasn’t prepared in advance I’d have been on the damned path also.
What I can say is the spliced genome cannot maintain itself. It’s an imperfect system. If you make yourself better somewhere it’s daring other resources. It’s unstable in all of its ways.
I have been able to process the mess therein. I learned from the Holy Spirit how to respond to this problem.
Gene therapy enslaves you as soon as you alter one sequence. Unintended consequences have and will occur in all ways. It’s always a disaster of perpetual proportions.
Demons need technology to control the recovery efforts. People should look into what demons consume to subsist r exist. They feed on humans their life, emotions, chemicals, vices and addictions. Then your flesh and blood then your soul.
The devil took the route of consuming. The vampire society fails because it kills off its food source and dies. Sword logic. The final shape of the universe has no living organisms.
That is the opposition to gods balanced method of society. A perfect society because it I balanced not excessively used up or abused. God offers abundance but the devil requires more and more. The devil takes you down needle more till you are his. God takes you up a mountain to subsist off his abundant resources and a balanced lifestyle that feeds all mouths.
This is where I leave people. I have spelled the word. Now you need to say what that word is.

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  1. No..hear the word of the Lord, not man’s thoughts or imaginations… … Wendi Lee received this Word from Father God Yahweh at 7:49 P.M. on April 15, 2016. “Daughter, how lovely you are to your Papa Yahweh. Write My eternal words down that you had trouble letting go of. Write, My beautiful child. What is the earthly time now? The time is way, way late. It is going to be an incredibly bumpy and shaky time, My saints. Father wants you to know that I AM waiting on My perfect plan to begin. I have already spoken and ordained it, and it shall begin on the day that I have said in My power. As I speak, so it is. My saints, it is so very important for all to know what is going to be the Mark of the Beast, the RFID chip, in which they will soon make it for use for buying and selling. Some of my wayward children try to mock Me by putting the chip in their left-hand. I will not be mocked. Do not take the RFID chip anywhere on your body. Father is giving you fair warning for this is coming faster than any human mind can comprehend. You will see the peace agreement come to the forefront as your abominable leader will put it there so he may get all the recognition for it. I tell you, he will spend all of his eternity with fire consuming him thinking about what he did and regretting it for Father will give him the harshest of all punishments just as Satan will have. The question has been asked: Will God Jehovah know and remember who is in hell? Father says yes. God Jehovah will always know and love them. However, their eternal fate is sealed. When you don’t accept My Son Yeshua into your heart before you leave this earth, My saints, you will be re-enforcing this to My disobedient and lost children. Father will give you everything you were made to bring in My Son’s lost sheep. Father God Yahweh Elohim Eternal, never take the RFID chip anywhere on your body, has spoken.”

  2. The mark of the beast is not a physical mark.

    Why can’t we understand this?

    “They worshipped the devil when they worship the image of the beast/the beast”.

    Wait, what is the mark of God/Seal of God?

    When you find out what the mark of God is, then you can also find out what the mark is.

    Read Ezekiel 8 and 9
    Read Deuteronomy 8:11

    When we OBEY and keep God’s. WORDS Through the help of the Holy Spirit then we are sealed.
    Ephesians 4:30

    We should always follow the bible and not to lean on our own understanding.




    A law will be passed that will go against God’s laws, and when we adhere to those laws simply because of persecutions or hunger or even death, then we have compromised the faith.

    Are such laws not already in existence today?

    Gradually they’re gaining grounds, anything that opposes the law of God or the Commandments of Jesus.

  3. Eyes Open

    Please read Revelation Loveth. Yes there will be a physical mark. In right hand or forehead. It says so. The Bible is not just allusive. It is physical. Creation is physical. So is death. So is the mark of the beast. Study about ID2020 “certification MARK” to prove your vaccination history etc…that you have received the vaccine with RFID chip embedded into it. Trump allotted millions to US DOD And HHS to contract with Apiject to provide 500 million syringes with RFID chips by October 2020 to be distributed in USA. Read news. They are ready for vaccine to go into it that will change DNA. Already being tested on humans here. Be glad you are not in America if you are not and pray for all here. It may start here but it will travel the world. Pandemic…really a plandemic….for a PHYSICAL mark to change your physical body. Goal: Totalitarian control of the human body and mind. Of the whole world. Worst nightmare. They cannot die physically anymore even when they will want to die due to plagues the Lord will pour out on their PHYSICAL BODIES. Those who have the physical mark of the beast. Please pray for understanding and wisdom and knowledge about this my friend. God bless you. Love in Christ.

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