The Lord said to me – Ruth Smith

Ruth Smith

These are some words I received that I have written down before , please pray for the discernment. Thank you!

May,12th, 2018, Saturday

The Lord said to me:

1. Whoever bless Israel, I shall bless; Whoever curse Israel, I shall curse. Israel is My Chosen, no mater what she did, good or bad, all are between Me and her, I will take care of by Myself. Whoever—men or country, they all don’t have any rights to come to judge her. Whoever go against her, no matter in words or deeds, they all shall be cursed.

2. You take an oath to people, is taking an oath to Me; You make covenant with people, is making covenant with Me. Did I not say in My Words: don’t take any oath, the Heaven is my throne, the earth is my footstool? I abominate those who break the oath and don’t keep the covenant.

3. About Ezekiel 5,the Lord said to me: this is going to happen in the United States.

4. Do not gloat over the misfortune of others, lest I come to judge you. Do not take vengeance, vengeance is mine, I will repay. Revenge is on me. I’m the only one who can take revenge.

5. The secret thing belongs to Jehovah, and the manifest thing is yours. The son of perdition, the son of destruction who will soon reveal, and the one ‘seven’ of Daniel’s chapter 9 will soon begin.

May,14th, 2018, Monday

Do not fear death, because death can not hold you. when you are dead, is the time when you are alive, do not fear people or anything else, I AM is the Only One you need to fear of, for Only Me can throw your flesh and your soul into the hell… be merciful, then I will show you mercy….I have prepared a place for you, what I am going to give you is that your eyes never see, your ears never hear, your heart never can think about, you are blessed, you will receive great reward in heaven. no more tears, no more sorrow, no more suffering,,, what you will have is all unimaginable joy.

Rejoice, my precious daughter, my beautiful bride, I am coming, My Kingdom is coming and will have no end,,,,,seek me with all your heart, spend more time with me daily,,,,,War is going to break out,,,,Prepare! I Love you so much, I AM your Lord, Jesus Nazareth, the one became flash.

Do not love this world and anything in the world, for whatever you see in this world, soon will be burned up. If you love this world and anything in the world, you are not of me, you are of the Devil, you will be burned up with him together.

June,1st , 2018, Friday

While I was reading and translating “TESTIMONY of HEAVEN & HELL & the CONDITION OF TODAY’S CHURCH – Rodolfo Acevedo”, there is a sentence in it: The Lord said, “OK, Rodolfo, I am not going to do anything if you don’t permit me…”

I asked the Lord: Lord, You are the sovereign of the whole universe, You are our Creator, why do you need to get our permission to do what You want to do in or on us?

The Lord said: yes, my child, I respect the free will of each one of my children who I created, I respect each one of you who I created, I love each one of you who I created, my love for you never ceases, never changes.

Even those souls who are already in the hell, my heart is still grieved for them. The Hell is not the place I have prepared for the men who I created, I don’t desire to see any one who I created to be in the hell, they chose the hell themselves.

My precious daughter, my beautiful bride, do not stop praying for the lost, do not cease!

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