The EVTИƎ – Anonymous


March 15, 2021, 11:34 AM

Hello 444ProphecyNews,

Here is a dream that I had a few weeks ago, which I believe is extremely significant to our current time period.

I could see that I was outside a white door of a barn. It was evening time as the sun was setting.

I then saw a cocker spaniel holding a chain that was attached to a medium sized white sign. The sign had these words on it:


Though a few letters were rearranged, in my mind I immediately knew it said:


The cocker spaniel then went into the open white barn door and I followed behind it. Inside was very dark, and I only could see what the light from outside showed. As soon as I went inside, the door closed and it was pitch black.

End of dream.

I believe is referring to an event that is soon to take place, perhaps the Upon further reflection and study, it’s looking like this “Event” that is hinted at here is not exactly the Kickoff Event, yet it is of a different nature, like on that of a cosmic and planetary level.

Changes are quickening faster than ever before, and this Event is certainly upon us.

If there is something that you need to do, do it now!!!..



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