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The epidemic will be followed by a great famine, a global famine – Ruth Smith


The epidemic will be followed by a great famine, a global famine

September 2, 2020 6:42 AM
Ruth Smith

6:42 AM Received on 8-22-2020

In the dream, I saw the street vendors who usually set up stalls selling snacks, noodles and porridge, etc., they were setting up tables on the side of street when it was time, but there was nothing on the table; on the left hand side, there were 2 people selling snacks like Sugar-coated berry string, but there was nothing on the board, around peddler’s mouth were covered with some kind of white things, like cotton candy or something like cheese.

Then I walked up to a vendor selling Chinese style baked pancake (see picture above), I was going to buy one, he said”100 yuan for one and 300 yuan for three”, I said”why is it so expensive?”, he replied”well, it is a little expensive indeed”.

Then I walked away, but in my mind was still thinking: Isn’t this the pancake that sells at most 1 yuan at ordinary times?

Then I woke up.

A Chinese style baked pancake which usually costs 1 yuan at most, now costs 100 yuan for one, 300 yuan for three.

There was something else in the dream, it was all about food, but this pancake is the one I remembered best, because I remembered when I heard the price, my heart felt a throb, a very deep impression on it.

Then I pray about this dream in tongues, what I heard is this:

“The epidemic will be followed by a great famine, a global famine.

But you don’t need to be afraid, I have already hidden you in the secret place of I, the Most High, under My mighty wings, you and all who belong to you will eat and be satisfied in famine, those who trust in Me shall not be ashamed.”

Original Chinese version:


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