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The Dust and Sprays

Jul 3, 2019, 8:40 PM


Iseaweaver here talking about a dream I had that relates to some interest to people thinking to build housing post war. Ensure its metal or concrete.

In the dream I was riding down the road and saw many log houses and old wooden homes. after the great flooding receded the people saught to build a small community in the country. But I was there after it was raided by the government. I was on a bike perse I built it and drove by, as an angel gave me the memories of the people here and what happened to them. They were in a pile in the woods stacked up by the 9 foot giant soldiers. These genetic freaks are overpowered to any human. By far something only a christian fully anointed can even harm. They were dead already and set on fire to kill the flesh so the dust wouldnt form a colony. the wooden homes however were feeding the dust. I then knew the nanites began living in the wood.

The dust is nanites. These specifically programmed microscopic machines are sprayed or relaesed via bomb or even by infection. As you breath them in time seems to focus and slow down in the host as it begins its slow painful death. This hive of spore level units infect via blood and lungs. spreads through the body and attaches to every cell as you die from suffocation. Like lung cancer death in some aspects. Harder to breath then it stops but each cell is keep alive as the heart goes nuts pumping out till it slows and stops maybe like a heart attack. Such pain is worsened as the flesh lives via stimulation so that you feel your brain shrivel and go into a final true death.

This stuff is messed up and made by the good old USA. I have to say we are breathing its ancestor even now in this modified air from the chemtrails dusts. This dust sets up our bodies to really suffer under 5G radiation. This also is the extra nanites needed to convert the flesh into a demonic human hybrid via a small miocrochip implanted into your right hand between the thumb and index finger of which there is no salvation for those who take it.

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