Wednesday, August 1, 2018

There is an illusion that believers in America are in danger of believing.
The stakes in the last presidential election were colossal. Hanging in the balance was the future of the Supreme Court, the future of religious freedom, the advancement of America’s fall from God, the championing of anti-biblical agendas with regard to life, marriage, and gender, even the issue of believers being forced to pay for the killing of unborn children.
All the major polls forecast a decisive victory for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats and a decisive defeat for Donald Trump and the Republicans. And then came the greatest political upset in American presidential history. Donald Trump won! Across the land, evangelical believers breathed a collective sigh of relief. There had been a reprieve.
It was in January 2017 that the magnitude of the biblical blueprint revealed in The Paradigm first came to me. In the latter part of that blueprint comes the rise of the warrior-king Jehu. Jehu was a paradox. A man whose ways seemed anything but godly, and yet, who was used despite his ways for the outworking of God’s will. His reign represented a reprieve, a respite, a window of time the nation was given to turn back to God. So it is with America and the age of Donald Trump. The issue in the ancient paradigm wasn’t Jehu and the issue now isn’t Donald Trump. The issue is that we are witnessing a temporary reprieve. The agenda that threatened to restrict religious freedom, advance abortion, and champion an anti-biblical morality was defeated.
But herein lies the danger – We have seen a political revolution, but not yet a cultural revolution, not yet a moral revolution, and most importantly, not yet a spiritual revolution. In these most important spheres, America has not reversed course – nor has its slide come to a halt. Just how much that is so is evidenced by the most intense fury, hatred, and war against a sitting president in living memory, if not ever. America’s moral and spiritual slide from God has not stopped. The statistics revealing where the youngest generation stands continues to be most alarming and forecasting an even more unchristian or anti-Christian national future. The movement to ban any trace of God from public culture, as in Bible studies, the site of crosses, the mention of God, has likewise not stopped. The indoctrination of American youth into what is, in effect, an anti-Christian worldview continues unabated. And judicial judgments punishing believers for following the Word of God continue to pour forth.
In short, we are in a dangerous period. It is a window, a temporary window given for the nation to turn back to God and for God’s people to pray for, work for, and live for revival. Without revival, the window will end, and America will continue in its apostasy with even greater speed. Now is the time we must take most seriously the Word of God that says: “If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear from heaven, I will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land.” There are two key words or phrases here. The first is “My people.” And the second is “If.”
Let us not grow complacent but stand vigilant, in prayer, in zeal, in the spreading of the Gospel, in repentance, and revival. Make that your goal this month. And may God greatly bless you as you do!
Your brother and co-laborer
in His love and service,


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  1. This statement by Jonathan Cahn is false. There is no reprieve for America and judgment has already begun. Any spiritual revival that comes will be birthed through the pains of judgment, not the ease of reprieve.

    • Adriana

      the judgement begun in the Church, no the hole nation, we can still open a Bible, we don’t have to take the mark of the beast yet……

      God bless you

  2. Meredith

    Make no mistake…The Word of God is clear about the End Time events. The issue is the timing which is strictly in God’s hands. Between now and then there is going to be a massive HARVEST. “My fields are white,” remember that verse Jesus spoke? He went on to say there weren’t enough workers. There are and will be when God’s time is right…and when we, His people ( those called by Name) have humbled themselves (repented) and prayed, He has heard, and He steps in. At that point, you are going to see REVIVAL break out massively all over the world with His miraculous signs and wonders. People will experience salvation in the droves. At some point, the End Time events WILL happen just as prophecy predicts, but other scriptures have yet to be fulfilled.

  3. Ronda

    I do believe you are right. That’s what I have sensed. Revival will follow crisis, and judgement is over due. We still stand in the gap and pray turn away from wickedness and seek His face. But for the Godless they must encounter a tangible expression of a Holy God. God’s judgement is in actuality His mercy and it’s going to take a shaking of all things for the delusion to be broken off this generation.

  4. David Mehew

    Ronda- Very well said. I’m amazed (there’s this generation’s favorite word) that people don’t seem to bat an eye about what’s happening in their world. It was very similar to when I was young – everyone seemed busy with distracting themselves from the important issues of life. Myself included; just not to the extent of others around me. Now the stakes are much higher ..Young people need a lot of help – they were brought into this world by unconscious and irresponsible people.

  5. DPB

    I am looking into finding out if this man is speaking the truth or not. The letter above is basically true. People must admit sin and repent and notice when it says becoming humble. This shows a change in the person’s character. Sin is not just a list of dos and do nots. … it is a nature that needs to change. Even in the NT it states Yahweh’s will is that all people repent, .. but they may not. I would rather seek the hope they will than be like someone being disappointed because Ninevah (sp) repents, … America that is. False prophetic statements and movements is something to be very cautious about. But as for me and my house, we will obey Yahweh.

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