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The Azovmena Prophesy – Pastor Phillip Burnette


The Azovmena Prophesy

September 2022
Pastor Phillip Burnette


An American pastor, Phillip Burnette, starting churches in Ukraine had a very long dream in 1999 that repeated in 2007 followed by four visions. The Lord told him to go to the window where he saw bumper to bumper traffic exiting Kiev going south west. The vision was formed out of clouds on what was otherwise a clear sky.

He was told there would be two evacuations of Kiev. The first when the Russian army invades Ukraine. The second just before nuclear war begins between Russia and America. God said, Anyone left behind in the second evacuation will die in a nuclear holocaust because a nuclear missile would hit Kiev.

During the four visions the Lord spoke to him for 17 hours, from midnight to 11 A.M. the next day. These visions explained the repeated dream he had had but in much greater detail.

He made 13 videos and they went viral on social media through out Ukraine. He and his family were threatened night and day. Imagine an American pastor prophesizing that America was going to attack Ukraine and Russia with atomic weapons?

The word Azovmena refers to the words written on the palace walls of King Belshazzar in Daniel 5:26, “Your kingdom has been judged and found wanting”.

He put it all away but eight years later Russia invaded Crimea and he was contacted by people all over the world about his dreams and visions.

In part of his original dream he was traveling in a bus through central Ukraine when he saw eight mountains in the shape of ICBM

missiles but much taller. He asked a women on the bus what these mountains are called and she said Azovmena.

The Lord told Phillip all of Eastern Ukraine, from the Dnieper River to the Russian border will be destroyed by seven nuclear bombs from the U.S.. Also, Moscow, parts of central and eastern Russia and the Caucasus would be destroyed. There would be safe zones for those left behind all around the world including the US for those who hear God’s voice and repent. Phillip has made a major effort to help Jews evacuate to western Ukraine and Israel.

This post is a major paraphrase from a two hour interview found here



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