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Tell this to those who believe!! I don’t have time!!

September 25, 2023, 2:31 PM

Do you believe me!!

It will be good news for those who believe, and stay in me from now on!!

Come into heaven!!

Be at peace, O Lord, in God!!

Get free!!

Throw away all the cares and worries of the world and free yourself from all offerings, money, love, idolatry and idolatry, treachery and sin!!

Get out of all sins and deaths!!

Because the wages of sin are dying soon!!

Body is body. Body is useless, but spirit will be beneficial!!

You all know that spirits are living creatures because it is spirits that save them!!

Rejoice and worship the Lord Jehovah God and sing hymns because it is the day of eternal life!!

Sing a new song!!

Be thankful for the mediocrity!!


Always pray and not rest!!

Tell this to those who believe!!

I don’t have time!!

Let’s declare that time in the world is completely over!!

It’s God’s time and the day has come, so those who believe should enter heaven in God’s country!!

If the kingdom of God is in you, and you are in me, and the Holy Spirit is in you, and God’s peace is with you, this is heaven!!

The church is your body, your heart is a temple, a church that has become a body, and when each soul gathers together and becomes the body and shape of Christ is the completion of salvation!

You will be in the shape of God from the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, feet and head to toe of Christ!!

Don’t doubt it!!

Don’t be afraid!!

Only trust without mistrust will last forever!!

Get out of all sins, sickness and disease!!

Enjoy freedom and let go!!

The time to come back is now!!

There will be peace and blessings among you!!

“Hallelujah!! You can’t see me without saying, “He is in the name of the Lord.”!!

I always told you to get up and pray, but you were all sleeping!!

May mercy come at a time when you can’t think of it!!

Look at the world!!

Isn’t it beautiful!!

I’m already in the world!!

<Ezgel 33:6-8>

If the guard should see the enemy approaching

The report did not sound the trumpet either, so his people said

Without warning, the enemy arrived

If you attack any of them

A dead man is guilty of his own sins

He was dead,

The responsibility for his death is

I will ask the keeper.

You, people,

I will make you one of the Israelites

I put him on guard.

So you listen to me,

Warn them on my behalf.

I’ll tell the bad guys

I said, “You’re going to die.”

You tell the villain that he’s going to take a wrong path

If you don’t warn them to leave,

The villain is guilty of his own crime

He’ll die,

The responsibility for his death is

I’ll ask you.

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