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Special Visitation of God to China: Waiting on Rapture – Immanuel Acree

Special Visitation of God to China: Waiting on Rapture

Sept. 8, 2019 12:00 PM
Immanuel Acree

I have had a dream on my mind for a week now that came to me around this past winter. It was a simple dream about the end, that is, the rapture when the Lord comes to reward the faithful as in Revelation 3:10.

In this dream I knew that we were waiting for the Lord to come yet I also saw as if hovering above China. I was looking into China deeply though, not the geography but in a spiritual sense. I felt that we the church were waiting on His glory to fill China like the train of His robe and the majesty of His mighty presence that Ezekiel saw descend at the river Chebar. This is the kind of glory I knew that we were anticipating, as if His smoke and fire and glory would be more than just felt but also seen visibly in the churches of China. In my dream this happened. I knew His glory had suddenly filled the Chinese and blessed them beyond measure. However, at this moment, I also expected the rapture, right as soon as this visitation would be finished. So God’s glory came down. Then was not the rapture though. The end of this dream was at least a couple seconds or more of just waiting, waiting, waiting, and it was just silent or motionless. I was “on the edge of my seat” expectant with great excitement and yet my excitement began to wane into surprise; I was surprised at the length of the wait.

The dream ended with my being surprised that the rapture did not happen right after He filled these churches. Yet it was not a disappointment. I was just surprised to be waiting extra time in this dream.

Interestingly I have never supposed that China could be a gauge for when the rapture might occur. I have always thought that this country and people were not waiting for anything other than more freedom to preach and worship God openly.

With my limited understanding the dream simply expressed to me that we have reached the end of the filling of all churches, with China being the last group to be blessed as a unique nation. “The first shall be last” we might say, as in, the most ancient country has become the last to receive a mighty awakening. I saw that He has or is just now finishing what plans God has prepared for China since the foundation of the earth. Nonetheless we are still here, so that the final preparations can be made for every jot and tittle to fall in line for the world’s judgments.

May God bless His people and keep us all focused on the imminent return of the Lord Jesus. We are all deeply touched with the plight of the Chinese churches and to China and Hong Kong I just want to shout: I am with you in spirit and in prayer. Your tribulations affect me as if they are my own. God bless you, strengthen you, and give you peace and victory in everything. Amen.

Immanuel Acree
8 Sep 2019

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  1. Tim


    I am pressed for time right now, but want to say thank you for sharing your dream from the Lord.

    As soon as read this, a few things came immediately to mind, and this one I will share. Is He referring specifically to “China” and “the Chinese”. In the natural sense, of course He is. But, there is something deeper. To whom was Paul anointed to speak? What does that word mean? It has SEVERAL meanings, all seemingly different. Do you think that the Lord could be using the “the Chinese” in a symbolic sense regarding Paul’s anointing???

    Consider what Paul wrote in Romans 11. Remember, as you mentioned, Jesus taught us that the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.

    Pray on this for further discernment.

    A brother in Christ,

  2. Immanuel Acree

    Tim, thank you for your input! I would think that the Chinese could only be a symbol had there been a presence of Chinese people in my dream. However, the continental view of China rather than the sight of Chinese people tells me that this actually refers specifically to the country and place of Chinese churches. I did not see any Chinese people.

    Nonetheless we are certainly at the end of the Romans 11 / Gentile-to-Israel transition which lines up with this dream. I.e. when the Rapture occurs, I believe, Israel will be drawn to repentance as the Great Tribulation begins. I see no reason to exclude what you’ve added.

    Immanuel Acree

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