Byron Searle


Daniel 12:10
10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

My son, something very wicked is coming upon the face of the Earth. Many of My Remnant have seen this and are warning My body. This wickedness is pure evil and hates all My creation. His hate is so strong that he will not care what or who he destroys. He is the destroyer of lives and takes great pleasure in watching all of creation suffer. The world thinks that this wicked being is just some good old boy who wants to party. They say why go to heaven and be bored just lying around and playing harps? They want to go to hell, thinking they will party and have fun like they do here on Earth. FOOLS!!!! Something wicked this way comes, and men will be so deceived as they will worship him.

My son, My Remnant must prepare themselves by eating, sleeping and living in My Word. This is the only power that will overcome the wicked and make him flee. My people should know who I am referring to, that old serpent himself, the accuser of the saints, Lucifer, satan, the devil. Many, so many already worship him; I have lifted My hand off of them and turned them over to their reprobate minds. Many of My people worship him, yet they are so blind and ignorant of My Word they don’t know it. Those will be the ones who will go through tribulation, to be tried by fire. Sadly many will fall. Wide is the road to destruction and many are on it, but narrow is the way to eternal life and few find it.

My son, something wicked this way comes, and it will start very soon. Economies will collapse which will lead to panic and riots. Killing and chaos will be the rule of the day because he is on Earth. Something wicked has come down and is now releasing his armies on mankind. Prepare to see violent acts as commonplace occurrences. Nobody will know what is going on or causing this, but My Remnant knows and will take up positions to fight.

I am coming soon to rid the world of this wickedness. I love you, My Remnant! Get ready – Something wicked this way comes!
Messiah Jesus

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