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Shelters Are Deathcamps – Iseaweaver

Shelters Are Deathcamps

Aug 8, 2019, 10:10 PM

At the very moment I had the slightest thought of uploading this dream Satan threw every roadblock he could into my path. this dream has a lot in it. Simple version.

I’m at a base indoors with everyone preparing to leave then we are ready and a screen turns on and then words are said though I heard not. I spiritualty understood that he was there to evacuate us then the rom turned on and the ceiling began shooting everyone in the building. I then decided to go back and change things. I began by walking outside and seeing what’s up. Then I went to find the one book about the base itself. I found it but then a lady went crazy and started killing people and eating them. Then I went back and hid the book first and checked out the lady who went berserk. Turns out she was a marked one. She took the mark with 2 other people. Then they went to a secret room and was infected with alien/demon technology which overwrites her mark and she then immediately declares martial law on the building and begins to eat people. Clearly, she was the alpha. Then I decided to go back and eliminate her threat and found all these concrete dragons outside which were moving towers. They all had a big fat 5g on them. These towers were both controlling these marked ones and empowering them. Then I saw a red tower with 35 g in gold plating on it and hacked into it and armed its emitter with a virus cannon and began to shoot the 5g towers and they would turn red and cease emitting their empowering effect. Still the three had eaten a bunkers worth of people and were insanely strong. They had black and red glows about them, the mark virus made it so each person eaten would have their bodies converted into straight power ups. I then confronted them but realized I had to escape and I thought of two scenarios. The first failed which was straight flying away so instead I left behind a frame scapegoat and let my body escape as I temporarily piloted this frame. I knew it was to buy time so I flew quickly towards the other two and the women then went after my frame and then I set to feint attack her then began to break apart bit by bit as she flew faster and ripped parts off. I then summoned the sum of my frames power and shredded in razor wire like vines into her and embraced her as I set the frame to explode. Then I escaped.

The gravity here is in need of interpretation. First the towers were literally concrete dragons empowered by demons feeding on 5g spectrum energy. The marked ones with those human eating viruses were reprogrammed mentally to devour and grow strong and it mattered. They had pack mentality and were unstoppable without blowing that frame. They also wanted any books they could find before that happened. On top of that the rooms were full of people looking for safe passage who were only going to be murdered outright. They even fed the illusion with busses. The 35g was an oddity. Never heard of it before but my spirit says it’s the dragon’s energy band spectrum. Since this tower was yellow red and black with gold text versus every other tower which was grey with black text. The base was a vaulted shelter in some unknown location. No matter what I could have done I wouldn’t have had a chance to both save the people and eliminate the threat in time. Realistically it would take Jesus who knows all to even give this scenario a one shot. That was a theme to describe. These people didn’t have Jesus. I only got so far by using do overs. I wasn’t led by the spirit to do much but understand and observe this time. The spirit wanted the two books here in the building. Also, to note the virus was a box. Wet concrete grey boxes. They were nanomachine canisters activated by the mark of the beast in the three people. Lastly the time was post abyss opening and the demons were not fully manifested so its likely late in the tribulation pre great tribulation. The sky was black and grey and had an energy to it that was different. Not sure if it’s the visual effect of 5g or something else like maybe a grey energy or greys that seem lukewarm. That might also explain the lukewarm Christians in some fashion.

Iseaweaver. note I have yet to see anything that would cause the event any time soon. with my prayer time lately I’ve been feeling like we have maybe a couple months of waiting and grace to exist as some low-grade storms fall into place like the recent events. after putting my armor one I completely vanquished the demonic legions keeping me from posting this here. want to say I’ve never seen Satan so obsesses with deterring me from thinking about something let alone even posting it so I did need to post this. Its messed up and graphic but then so is the tribulations world. What did people think when hell would come to earth, that it be peaceful always. Or maybe you think you can escape without some hell in your life. Every person suffers a bit of hell on a level they think they can’t handle but will with Christ Jesus. That is the kind of experience that can verify salvation but nothing truly does. Its all about how much Satan is ruining your life and how much prayers are made to eliminate the problems and yet still valuable lessons are taught and these lessons will be learned before you can move the mountain of Satan out of your path. Satan comes back now and again as you reach greater states of faith. The ones who fail to put these challenges to rest and learn their lessons need to reexamine themselves and their Christian walk or they will be the people who are in such scenarios as that dream shows. Since the lord has never changed, he is still not a favoritism and loves all equally. But he will stop being there if you tell him no even without realizing. Each sin is a step backwards towards Satan. Choose carefully which direction you are walking.


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