Seek Me, and I will speak to you! – Byron Searle

I was getting the impression as He was speaking that the Father was heartbroken and weeping for His children because they are deaf and will not hear to be ready for what is coming.

Matthew 6:33. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

My son, I have heard your cries for forgiveness and repentance for this nation, but I have turned away, for this reprobate people are a stench to My nostrils. My people who call themselves Christians are neither My people nor Christian. They do not know Me. They only care about looking good, looking holy, looking religious like the Pharisees. My true people are the ones on their knees before My throne daily. They are the ones you know by their fruit. My true remnant move around unknown to most, but I see them and the works they do and the hours seeking Me.

My son, even though you and others are shouting the warnings, My deaf church WILL NOT HEAR!! They have been force-fed baby food and will not know the hour of their visitation. I said yesterday, “I Am Coming – Be Ready,” but no one heard My cry. Instead, My people and, yes, My remnant are like drug addicts, looking for the next word from another voice.

Don’t they know that I am speaking to everyone? Why be lazy? Seek Me yourself!! I will speak to all those who call upon My Name. Soon there will not be an Internet. How will you get your prophecy fix then? Wake up, My children! Call out to Me, seek Me, and I will speak to you! I will lead you and I will guide you.

Soon you will not have the voices you seek on the Internet. Then you will have to trust Me. But how will you hear if you have not learned to hear Me now before My judgements fall? After they fall, it will be too chaotic, and you will not hear Me.

My son, I love My children so very much! I only want them to seek Me, not man. READ MY WORD! SEEK ME WITH YOUR WHOLE HEART! TALK TO ME! I will hear you and talk back, but are your ears tuned to hear Me? Tune your hearing now before it’s too late. I love you, all My children.
Shalom, Father

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