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02-16-2019 A Word from THE HOLY SPIRIT

8:53 p.m.


“As you reach out to God you say, “Fill me with Thy Will, Holy Father”. Then, He reaches back to you and says, ‘…your will be done’. This, then makes two wills the same; and as such a portion of you is InChrist, as you share wills. This is more than Walking with God; this is being Connected to God.

Have you heard of how twins sometimes share thoughts, emotions, and feelings? This is because they are connected by similarities in structure, DNA, inhabitation, and an innate love for one another. Can you imagine sharing the above with God? Can you? You would see miracles routinely… beautiful thoughts… unlimited joy… and love way out of the human realm of physical existence.

Why would you not want this now… and for an eternity? Then, as you share more and more with God, you experience greater and greater growth in your molecular being, so as to accommodate the greater gifts that God is bestowing. The process is Magnificent, and God wishes this for you. God does not want to follow you around, and tap you on the shoulder, and prompt you to move closer to Him. No, He leaves these gifts for you; but you must be proactive and reach out to God for them first, and second, and third, and on and on. You govern the extent of your grandeur in God, and there is no limit.

Take one step, then put one foot ahead of another and approach God; and you will see things that you could have only dreamed about. Remember, your Heavenly Father holds all the blessings that cross realms..…All of them. Any Christian who has presence of mind, and even a slight look to the future, will know that this is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

The beauty of this, is that one must not wait until this realm passes away; one can have it now, and whatever is gained here in this realm, carries on to the next.

Be a precious creation to God and start this process Now; you will be eternally grateful that you did.

Love abounding to and in you,

The Holy Spirit, Your Counsellor”

—John Patmos


  1. SJ T

    Very enlightening. Thank you for sharing.

    P.s. How did you choose your pen name? I’ve noticed that your posts have much wisdom that is refreshing but not very common in modern day speakers. Just curious about your pen name, and if it has a meaning?
    -SJT of Cincinnati.

  2. EFH.

    Mr. Patmos thanks you for the kind words.
    The pen name was given by the Holy Spirit. He also wishes to tell you that he is not a speaker, just a yielded vessel to God.
    In Love,
    EFH Ministries

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