REWIND – Byron Searle

Byron Searle


During prayer this evening, the Lord spoke these words to me and then gave me a vision. The reason He called it Rewind was because He had shown me parts of these events before in other visions.

My son, since My People cannot fathom what is about to come, describe to them the vision I have shown you.

I was immediately taken above the land, and the Lord was with me. He took me to various locations all over America, from big cities to small towns. I saw people, average, everyday people, young and old, going about as usual. People going to work, people playing golf, everyone just enjoying life like they do every day. Nobody had any cares. I saw churches, large churches and megachurches. Many of these were full of people, yet their spirits were empty and dark. I saw small churches with few people in them, yet these people were on their knees praying, and they shone like bright LED lights.

The Lord then had me look towards the North, and I saw a large, thick, black darkness begin to slowly move across the land. It looked to extend from ground level all the way up to the tops of mountains. It appeared to be a thick, dark, moving wall. I asked, “Lord, what am I seeing?” He said, “This is a judgment coming on a sinful nation.” I said, “But everything I just saw was nice, and the people seemed normal.” He said, “You saw a lie, a deception. The false prophets have convinced everyone that all is normal. But look, My son, at reality.”

With that, I turned, and the Lord opened my eyes to be able to see into the people’s hearts and spirits like He does. As I looked at the people, I was able to see in them the sins of rebellion, pride, selfishness, etc., all the sins of a backslidden, sin-soaked people. The darkness that I could see coming had not yet reached the people. I could see the people walking around with hideous creatures attached to them, hanging onto various parts of their bodies with their claws dug into their flesh. The people were not aware that these demons were on them. They could not see, feel, or sense that they were there. These people were evil, thinking it was nothing to steal, kill, or rape whoever got in their way.

While I was watching all of this going on, I then felt the earth shake, and it was a very great shake. I then saw the darkness moving in closer iand begin to cover and surround the people. The Lord allowed me to also experience it, and the only way to describe it is that it was the darkest, blackest, thickest darkness, that felt like a heavy blanket wrapped around me, and I could not see anything but total blackness. He only let me experience that for a moment, and then instantly my eyes were opened and I was able to see again. I was still in the midst of the darkness, but He allowed me to now be able see what was taking place in it. I could see all around me in every direction. As I looked, the creatures that I had seen hanging onto the people were now beginning to tear into their flesh with their claws and teeth, which were like long, sharp blades. The people were being torn and ripped apart by these demons while in the darkness. The people were screaming out but could not escape from this terror that was killing them. I saw many, many dead bodies.

While the earth was still quaking and the darkness still covered, I saw an extremely bright flash towards the west, then another, and another. I understood that these were nuclear explosions. I looked all around me and saw these bright flashes everywhere. There were many of them. The Lord then took me closer to the location where one of these went off, and I saw no life at all, total destruction, just fire, debris, and bones.

Then the Lord took me high up into the atmosphere where I had a view of the whole nation. It was in total darkness, but I could see tiny little specks of light, really bright specks, all over the nation. I asked the Lord, thr “What are those? More bombs?” He said, “No, they are My Remnant.” As I watched these tiny specks of light, I noticed something wonderful was happening. The specks began to grow and grow and spread and spread and become brighter and brighter. Soon it looked as if the whole nation was glowing, and then suddenly all went black.

As soon as that happened, I was then shown a massive fireball and saw it fall into the Atlantic Ocean. The earth shook violently once again. I then saw a giant wall of water coming towards the East Coast, and it appeared to stretch the entire length of the coastline. I was then taken down to ground level for a better view of the wall of water approaching. It was so massive and high, I was not able to see the top of it. I saw the wave hit, and all who were in its path perished. It covered the tops of all the buildings, but I did not see how far inland it went.

The Lord then had me turn to the direction of the North to what looked like the border of Canada. The ground began rumbling and shaking like an earthquake, and I saw a huge army with tanks and planes coming into the land. Everything in this army’s path was either destroyed or taken prisoner. The vision ended.

I then sat there for I don’t know how long, just weeping for all the people, blood, death, and destruction that I had just witnessed. During the entire time of the vision, I had a sense of great sadness and tears from the Lord over what He was showing me must take place. He then spoke this word to me.

My son, I have let you see this again to warn My People to REPENT! These judgments are now in progress, and time is short. Warn them to WAKE UP, for I am coming soon to judge the unrighteous! Tell My People to get into My Word, get on their knees, and seek repentance for this lost and dying nation! The Rewind has been hard to see again, but My son, time is out, for my judgments are set!

I love all My Children. I do not want to see any perish, but many will because of secret sins and pride. REPENT, REPENT, AND WAKE UP NOW!!!
Messiah Jesus

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  1. It’s hard to accept, but America must fall to make the rest of Bible prophecy work. America must also fall for being the wickedest nation to ever be 1963-2018 My only dismay was, that the Rapture did not occur anywhere in this presentation. According to the very accurate Norwegian woman’s prophetic vision, the Rapture does occur at the near moment of the Russian bombing out of America

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