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Q&A about Christmas & Vaccine – Ruth Smith

Q&A about Christmas & Vaccine

December 29, 2020 6:23 AM
Ruth Smith

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

I asked God“Lord, can we celebrate Christmas?

Then, immediately I heard“Was I born on Christmas day? I was not born on that day, so, whose birth are you celebrating?

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

I asked “Lord, is there anything you would like to reveal to me about vaccine?”

The vaccine is about to be implemented, and the persecution will follow by it, do not take it in any way.

Anyone who take it by his/her own free will, at the right moment when he/she takes it, he/she is separated from Me and be lost forever, no longer can be redeemed!

The lake of fire and brimstone will be his/her eternal home, the endless torment will be his/her eternal destiny.”

I asked“Lord, people say‘There are vaccines from several agencies, both domestic and foreign, we don’t know which one is the mark’, how do you think about this?”

“My daughter, no matter which vaccine is, do not take it!

Those who say these words have already chosen the vaccine in their hearts, they didn’t choose Me, Almighty God, the One who can throw their souls and bodies into hell.

They don’t believe I AM is able to protect them, because they dont know Me at all.

Whatever is to come, I surely shall protect those who put their faith in Me, trust in Me with all their hearts, souls, minds, strength, and everything they have. Only such people are My true sons and daughters.

I AM a truthful God, whoever trust in Me shall not be put to shame, I AM shall protect every and each one who truly belongs to Me.”

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